All Among Us Roles, Explained

What role do you want to play in Among Us?

Image via Innersloth YouTube

There are a handful of roles that you can play in Among Us that you’ll need to master if you want to maneuver around the map and assist your teammates. Alternatively, you may be playing as the Imposter, and it’s your goal to take out all the crewmates before they figure out it’s you. Here’s what you need to know about all of the Among Us roles.

All Among Us roles


The Engineer has the unique ability to adventure into the vents with the Imposter. Previously, only the Imposter could use these, but as an Engineer, you can safely move around the map to quickly zip around. However, you’ll want to be careful because you can catch the Imposter using these vents, which can spell trouble for you.

Guardian Angel

The Guardian Angel is a crewmate who is most effective after they’ve died. Like a ghost, they’ll be able to travel around the map and provide protection to the other crewmates by providing them a temporary shield to protect their friends against the Imposter. The shield does not last too long, but it can buy someone a few seconds of survival.


As the Scientist, you’ll be able to check your allies’ health while you’re playing the game. You’ll be able to tell if one of them is dead or not. But you will need to charge this device. You can fill up the battery by completing tasks around the map.


The Shapeshift is the Imposter. You’ll be able to assume the appearance of the other players in the game, copying everything about them, including all of their cosmetic items. You will leave evidence behind as the Imposter, and the disguise does not last long.