All bell locations in School in Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2

Look for the lights to make it easier.

One of the park goals for Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1+2’s School level has you wallride five different bells. The bells have a distinct red color, but can be somewhat difficult to locate, let alone hitting the wallride to hit all of them in a single run. We’ll break down all of their locations and make it easier to complete them.

All bell locations in School

You can find the first bell around the corner of the alleyway you can see to the right of where you start. If you follow the path, it can take you to the top of the gym roof. Before you make that turn to the roof, the bell is on the wall. You can jump on the wall real quick to knock it down.

The second bell you can find behind where you start the course. It’s down the ramp, right before you enter the park. You can see it attached to the wall right next to a ramp underneath a light. To reach it, make a jump up to the elevated area, and then hit the wallride to knock it off.

The third bell is to the right of the area’s entrance, where you find the second bell. It’s in the upper area, on the roof of the small building. To reach it, you can use the bowl at the front and leap to the roof. Alternatively, to the right, before entering the next area, you can use the smaller bowl to jump over the roof. The bell is on the wall of the larger building.

The fourth bell is in the next area of the school. Go through the location that the second bell is in front of it by following the right side. There is a rock wall on the left, and on the other side of it is the bell. There should be a distinct light above it illuminating it.

The final bell is near this area. All you need to do is go around the rock wall, and on the left side, there should be the next bell. It’s to the ramp’s left with a small gap with the K in the middle of it.