All Changes to Revenant in Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection

Revenant has changed, transforming him inot the death machine he always was, much more viable as a Legend for any game mode in Apex Legends.


Image via Respawn Entertainment

In Apex Legends Season 18, Revenant is reborn with new abilities and passives that make him a much more viable Legend. Respawn Entertainment had seen he’d fallen out of rotation with most players, so these changes are designed to make him a lethal killer and key asset to any team once again.

Thanks to someone else wresting control of his head, Revenant is almost unrecognizable in Season 18. Even his appearance has been changed to reflect how out of control he feels. This guide outlines every change to Revenant in Apex Legends Season 18, explaining how to use this Legend for the foreseeable future.

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All New Revenant Abilities in Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection

Below, we’ve outlined all of Revenant’s new abilities in Apex Legends since the start of Season 18 Resurrection. Read each one through carefully because they work very differently from how the Legend used to operate, requiring a unique approach.

Passive: Assassin’s Instinct

Revenant’s new passive ability is called Assassin’s Instinct, which grants him faster crouch speed and wall climbing because he’s a hardcore stealthy assassin all the way down to his cold, metal heart. However, his wall climbing has now been improved, so his horizontal movement will be faster. He’s also able to better stick to walls after falling into them, making leaping off of buildings a legitimate tactic for escaping surprise attacks, opening up an opportunity to return from a new angle.

The design choices behind this passive is an aim to give Revenant players more aggressive capabilities on the battlefield. When leaping from building to building and down onto enemies is a more viable option than approaching from below, it makes for much more mayhem and, most importantly, comparative experiences.

Assassin’s Instinct also allows players to see nearby enemies with low health. They’re highlighted in red, giving Revenant a way to prioritize targets when a lot is going on all at once. If Revenant calls out these enemies, they’re marked for the entire team. It’s a way to make him a deadly addition to any mix and build a useful team composition regardless of who the other Legends are.

Tactical: Shadow Pounce

Shadow Pounce is Revenant’s new tactical ability, and it is monstrous. As the name suggests, it’s a powerful leap forward that allows him to close the gap between himself and his prey incredibly fast. In action, it looks like a lion leaping toward a gazelle.

The beauty of Shadow Pounce ability is that it can play well with the improved wall climbing Revenant now has, making reaching a target on any level feel as easy as stepping across a small stream. Fans will be interested to learn that this ability can be charged, meaning short leaps come quickly, but longer leaps can be achieved after a short period to really scare the pants off other players.

Ultimate: Forged Shadows

Revenant’s new Ultimate, Forged Shadows, is potentially the scariest thing ever seen in Apex Legends. Once charged, it allows the Legend to create a shroud of shadows around him that have a devastating effect on the battlefield.

The shroud of shadows absorbs damage while simultaneously increasing Revenant’s upper body hitbox. In practice, the shroud can be shot and damaged because it’s an enlarged shield around Revenant. However, that shield can also recharge and will be completely restored when he defeats an enemy and knocks them down.

To top this off, getting a knock will also recharge Revenant’s Tactical ability immediately, allowing him to give chase to any players trying to retreat after they witness his power. It’s a great way of putting the onus on Revenant players to be forceful and offensive, making the most of the ultimate and pushing that advantage for their team so they can swoop in behind and back him up.

Is Revenant Free in Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

Yes, Revenant will be available to all players in Apex Legends during Season 18 Resurrection. Players will have a set of challenges to complete during the season by playing as the Legend. If they complete all of them, Revenant will become a permanent addition to the player’s roster even once Season 18 Resurrection is over.

Will Revenant’s Changes Impact the ALGS Championship?

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Image via Premier Communications

Yes, Revenant’s new rework will almost certainly impact the ALGS Championship. Players in this eSports league are so good at Apex Legends that the only reason to play as a specific Legend is for a tactical advantage over opponents that provides information on opponents on the battlefield in some way. Furthermore, movement abilities are key in any ALGS match, and Revenant may well be the most nimble character in the game after this rework.

Let’s break this down. Revenant can now see weak enemies and mark them not just for him but for an entire team. This means that any abilities and weapons that block the line of sight can be rendered inert. Revenant can also move up walls faster and has a leap that can be charged to close long distances or escape quickly.

Whichever way he’s viewed, Revenant’s rework makes him a viable Legend for ALGS in the two departments competitors care about. We wouldn’t be surprised if we see him pop up on every team by the time the ALGS Championship rolls around.

Why Has Revenant Changed in Apex Legends Season 18 Resurrection?

Image via Respawn Entertainment

The main reason Revenant has undergone a complete rework is that Respawn Entertainment saw he wasn’t being used much as a Legend in matches. The changes made to his abilities fit with the game’s lore, but they’ve been implemented to entice players into using him as a viable Legend once more.

In terms of the Apex Legends story, it’s been revealed that someone has taken control of Revenant’s head. The Legend is a robot created to preserve the mind of a real person who died, but now that someone has taken control of that head, Revenant has changed. He’s working for someone else against his own will, which is why he’s been glitching and acting like a completely different character.