All characters in Guilty Gear Strive – Full Guilty Gear Strive roster

This roster will be slugging it out.

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The battle is fierce in Guilty Gear Strive, and many combatants have arrived to face heaven or hell. Guilty Gear Strive was released with 15 fighters at launch, but season passes have added more warriors to the battle. Newcomers like the blood samurai Nagoriyuku and Giovanna join fan favorites like Ky Kiske and Sol Badguy. Here is a list of all characters in the Guilty Gear Strive roster.

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All characters in Guilty Gear Strive (and their battle types)

Guilty Gear Strive launched with various classic characters and some newcomers to the franchise. Season passes are adding new characters to the lineup, and we expect more fighters to get added to this list over time.

Guilty Gear Strive launch roster

Screenshot by Gamepur
  • Anji (balance)
  • Axl (long range)
  • Chipp (high speed)
  • Faust (unique)
  • Giovanna (rush)
  • I-No (rush)
  • Ky (balance)
  • Leo (balance)
  • May (balance)
  • Sol (balance)
  • Millia (high speed)
  • Nagoriyuki (one shot)
  • Potemkin (power throw)
  • Ramlethal (shooting)
  • Zato (technical)

All DLC characters in Guilty Gear Strive DLC

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The game’s roster is getting updated with new characters via Season Pass — and players who own the pass get immediate access to them. Additionally, players have the option to purchase DLC fighters individually. With over 20 fighters and more being added over time, Guilty Gear Strive has something to offer to new players and veterans alike.

  • Baiken (balance)
  • Bridget (balance)
  • Goldlewis (power)
  • Happy Chaos (shooting)
  • Jack-O’ (technical)
  • Sin (rush)
  • Testament (balance)

Guilty Gear Strive’s roster continues to grow, and despite missing some fan favorites, the revamped classic characters mesh well with Strive’s gameplay design. Characters categorized as balance are decent all-around fighters and provide a good entry point for new players. Characters labeled under the technical label should be reserved for experienced players, as they’re packed with complex techniques and gameplay concepts.