All characters in HuniePop 2

The entire cast.

HuniePop 2

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HuniePop 2 is all about the characters that you will go on dates with, so in this article we will be keep a list of all of them. At the moment, there are thirteen different characters that are know. 12 of them can be dated, and then Kyu is your Love Fairy guide.

Much like the previous game, we expect HuniePop 2 to have surprise and hidden characters, we will update the below list as soon as we have details of them.

All the characters have their own most desired and least desired traits on date, favourite gift types and drinks, and there own series of quests and answers. We will be making individual guides about each character as we play through the game.

Abia NawaziAirport Security25
Ashley RosemarryModel21
Brooke BelroseTrophy Wife40
Candace CrushStripper25
Denise GreeneUnemployed19
Lailani KealohaHotel Clerk23
Jessie MayeEx-Porn Star38
Kyu SugardustLove Fairy384
Lillian AurawellUnemployed18
Lola RembriteFashion Designer26
Nora DelrioHotel Maid29
Polly BendlesonBeauty Tuber32
Sarah StevensBoba Shop20

This guide is under construction.