All classes in Tribes of Midgard

Choose your class and protect the Seed of Yggdrasil.

Image via Norsfell

Your goal in Tribes of Midgard will be to defend the village that you’re building at the mighty Seed of Yggdrasil positioned right in the middle of it. Many of the terrifying creatures in the world you’re going to encounter will be working their way to your village, intent on destroying it. Before you can consider how to defend your village best, you’ll need to decide on your class, giving you a distinct playstyle. There are eight classes to pick from.

All Classes in Tribes of Midgard


The goddess Thrúðr taught the Berserker the art of combat and how to use their aggressive emotions to their advantage. Little can stop a Berserker when they’re exploding in the middle of combat, and little can match the amount of destruction they cause. More often than not, you’ll be using massive, two-handed weapons with this class.


A Guardian draws its strength and inspiration from Forseti, using a trusty sword and a robust shield to protect their allies. If you plan on playing as a Guardian, you will find yourself in the middle of the battle, charging forward to take most of the damage to protect your allies and push the enemy back. As a result, you’ll be able to stand toe-to-toe with the toughest foes.


For those who prefer to remain agile and use a melee weapon, the Hunter, provided wisdom by Skaði, will be tracking down dangerous enemies and keeping to the shadows. This agile character might be more susceptible to taking damage than other classes, but their agility keeps them alive, along with the added benefit of using magical totems to augment their abilities and even keep them alive should they fall in combat.


By channeling the power of the mighty hunter Ullr, the Rangers will be using ranged combat to their advance, striking from the shadows to attack their opponents. The Rangers are similar to the Hunter, only using ranged skills. This class is ideal for those who prefer to remain at a distance and protect their allies using their aim. You’re going to struggle quite a bit fighting at close range, though.


Seers have a connection to the World Tree and learned from the goddess Iðunn how to control the environment around them. They’re capable of using spells to control and contort things around them, using it to their advantage and their allies around them.


For those who prefer to utilize a shield and remain at the head of the pack, the Sentinels were taught by Syn how to lead a charge properly. Like the Guardian, Sentinels will inspire their allies to push forward and use their shield to counter any enemy attack and remain in a fight. The Guardians might be better at taking a hit, but the Sentinels can return it.


The goddess Iðunn guides the Warden in showing them how to inspire their allies and destructive power to any foe bold enough to step foot in their village. You’ll be working with your allies to give them additional strengths during combat.


The Warrior is driven by the same justice that guides Týr, capable of using various melee skills and spells to their advantage. When playing as a Warrior, you’ll also be using a shield to help protect yourself, similar to the Guardian, but you’ll find yourself being far more aggressive and dealing more damage to the onslaught of foes threatening your village.