All Data-Bios locations in The Callisto Protocol Chapter 2: Outbreak

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Many games nowadays have collectibles for you to find as you progress through them, and The Callisto Protocol is no different. Each chapter in the game has Data-Bios for you to track down so that you can get more information about the characters. These Data-Bios come complete with text and audio information that you can view in the main menu. Chapter 2: Outbreak has three collectibles for you to find. This guide will show you where all the Data-Bios locations in The Callisto Protocol Chapter 2: Outbreak are.

Dr. Caitlyn Mahler Data-Bios location in Chapter 2: Outbreak

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The first Data-Bios in the Outbreak chapter is located at the bottom of the elevator. Progress through the chapter to the point where you need to hide from a security robot that is roaming the halls. Once you are past the robot, you will be able to roam around the halls. Enter the room that looks to be an operating theater with a medical table in the center. On the side of the room is a small table next to the door. The Data-Bios labeled “Mahler’s Appointment” is sitting on top of the table.

Elias Porter Data-Bios in Chapter 2: Outbreak

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Continue through the chapter from where you grabbed the first Data-Bios. You will pass through a room that is filled with fire. Shortly after, you will enter a security room where you will obtain the Stun Baton weapon. Progress forward until you find a table with a toolbox on it. You will find Elias Porter’s Data-Bios labeled “Elias’s Anticipation” on the table next to the toolbox.

Captain Leon Ferris Data Bios in Chapter 2: Outbreak

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The final Data-Bios is even further along in the chapter near the end. After progressing through the chapter, you will eventually make it to the tower. Once inside, you will find Captain Leon Ferris. After failing to escape the tower without getting caught, you will get a short cutscene where Jacob escapes from Leon. Once the cutscene is over, take a look at the table with the hologram on it. You will find the Data-Bios labeled “Ferris’s Lament” at the end of the table.