All differences between Landorus (Therian) and Landorus (Incarnate) in Pokémon Go

How does Landorus (Therian) compare to Landorus (Incarnate in Pokémon Go?

Image via Niantic

When it comes to picking a legendary Pokémon to use in Pokémon Go, it’s all about how you want to use them. Some are perfect for use in PvE raid encounters. Others are the primary damage dealers or your lead Pokémon you use in PvP battles, typically in the Master League. Landorus (Incarnate) is one of those Pokémon that has become a top-tier choice in the Master League. With the introduction of the Landorus (Therian) form, these two are different enough for you to consider using one over the other.

These are the stats for Incarnate Forme Landorus in PvP and PvE.

  • PvP:
    • Maximum CP – 3,588
    • Attack – 218
    • Defense – 155
    • Stamina – 173
  • PvE:
    • Maximum CP – 4,057
    • Attack – 261
    • Defense – 182
    • Stamina – 205

These are the starts for Therian Forme Landorus in PvP and PvE.

  • PvP:
    • Maximum CP – 3,922
    • Attack – 240
    • Defense – 153
    • Stamina – 173
  • PvE:
    • Maximum CP – 4,434
    • Attack – 289
    • Defense – 179
    • Stamina – 205

The Landorus (Therian) Pokémon receives more attack power, giving it a 22 point boost over Landorus (Incarnate). It does lose two points in its defenses, but that’s basically nothing in the grand scheme of things. The attack boost is a massive upgrade to an already great Pokémon. What it really comes down to for the differences between these two Pokémon is their moveset. Having the proper moveset can make and break Landorus (Therian).

Both Landorus (Therian) and Landorus (Incarnate) have access to the same useful fast move, mud shot. It’s a solid attack that they both need to generate plenty of energy in battles. If Landorus (Therian) lost access to this, it would have been a much worse choice. Because it did not, it comes down to the charged moves. Landorus (Incarnate) can use earth power, a solid Ground-type move. Unfortunately, Landorus (Therian) cannot use it. It instead can use these four attacks: bulldoze, earthquake, superpower, and stone edge.

These choices are not terrible. They’re all strong and make Landorus (Therian) a threat in the Master League. Although, losing earth power was a big blow and makes Landorus (Incarnate) just a hair better, despite not having the same attack power. In a straight fight, Landorus (Incarnate) barely comes out on top, and you can expect that result in most fights.

Because Landorus (Incarnate) can defeat Landorus (Therian), the Therian Forme does not topple one of the best Ground-type Pokémon in the Master League. But it remains a competitor. It all comes down to what Pokémon you pair Landorus (Therian) with and how you use it, along with IVs, lag, and energy results.

Having both Pokémon in your roster is not a bad thing. These are two exceptional legendary Pokémon. Landorus (Therian) is a deadly choice, and you can expect to regularly use it in the Master League and PvE five-star raids.