All Emotional Baggage locations in Compton’s Cookoff in Psychonauts 2

Excuse me, these meals have me so emotional.

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In Compton’s Cookoff in Psychonauts 2, you will be racing against the clock to prepare meals on a game show called Ram It Down. However, outside of that cooking competition, you will have chances to run around the set and find collectibles like any other level in the game. Here are all of the locations where you can find the Emotional Baggage in Compton’s Cookoff in Psychonauts 2.


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The Duffelbag tag can be found below the Hippo Boiler. To the left of the trampoline is an additional trampoline and some stray thoughts to use Mental Connection on. Follow them to get the tag. The bag itself is sitting behind the Pork Chopper’s chopping arm.

Hat Box

The Hat Box tag is sitting on the rail to the left of the stage. To reach it, either jump on the red rail and reverse yourself by pressing F on PC, Triangle on PlayStation, or Y on Xbox or ride the rail from the other side and jump between them to get to the blue one. The Hat Box is sitting within the crowd in front of the Pork Chopper.


The Purse Tag is in the crowd between the frog stove and cat blender. The Purse can be found below the path in front of the frog stove, surrounded by harmful purple goo.

Steamer Trunk

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The Steamer Trunk will need to be returned to later to obtain. First, you need to complete all of the show’s meals under the time limit. The final reward is the Steamer Trunk tag. Come back to the level after beating the boss to grab it. As for the Steamer Trunk itself, it is sitting behind the cat blender.


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The Suitcase Tag is hidden behind the sign above the frog stove’s head. Jump on the head, and you can find it. The Suitcase is located in front of and below the Hippo Boiler in the area covered in purple goo.