All Goryo strengths and weaknesses in Phasmophobia

Everything you need to know about the Goryo.

Phasmophobia Goryo

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The Goryo is one of the many ghosts that you can find and hunt in Phasmophobia. It’s a creature that is a bit shy and prefers to keep away from humans unless provoked. Because it’s so shy, trying to identify it can be a little difficult. You’ll need to use a video camera and a DOTS projector to confirm its presence. This guide details all of a Goryo’s strengths and weaknesses in Phasmophobia.

The strength of a Goryo is how well hidden it can remain. It’s tough to find in a house. A good way to narrow down its presence is to try and find its primary room using an EMF emitter. When it reaches five on the meter, you’ll have an idea of where it prefers to hang out. When you find this location, you want to place a video camera and a DOTS projector in the same room. Try to place the DOTS projector somewhere on the wall to ensure the maximum radius to reach throughout the room.

The reason you want to find its room is that it’s rarely seen far from its place of death, which is the creature’s biggest weakness. Once you find the room, it prefers to hunt from. You’ll be able to locate it pretty fast.

Screenshot by Gamepur

With the DOTS projector in place, put a video camera down nearby and return to the van. You should be able to see it moving through the lights on the camera, so long as you have the correct room.

The DOTS projector and EMF reader are two key pieces of evidence, but you want to check for fingerprints to prove it is a Goryo. You’ll want to look at the door handle and the door itself of the room where you placed the DOTS projector. After you’ve seen the fingerprints, you can confirm it is the Goryo and complete the assignment.