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All Hunting the Enemy intel mission locations in Call of Duty Warzone

More intel missions for you to figure out.

A new series of intel missions are available for you to find in Call of Duty inside the Warzone battle royale map. This one is called Hunting the Enemy, and each objective gives you a small clue to where you need to find the piece of intel by providing a snapshot of the location. We’ll break down where you need to go on the Warzone map to find all parts of the intel. You can expect to find plenty of resistance along the way.

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Objective 1

The first location shows a picture of an indoor pool. Based on the landscape in the background of the image, you have a clear view of the mountains surrounding the Verdansk map, but there are not many other notable landmarks to make it easy to find. You will find the intel on the west side of the map to the south of Storage Town. The piece of intel you can interact with will be on the second-floor balcony.

Objective 2

The next piece of intel hints that you need to go ARM-4 military wing at the West Airport tarmac. The scarp of paper only tells you to start there, and beyond that, there’s not much else. You need to go to the airport on the northwest portion of the map, to a small building to the side of the crashed airplane pictured below. Inside you will find the intel on the desk that is next to a laptop.


Objective 3

The third piece of intel gives you a proper location on the map to find the next chunk of intel. While helpful, it doesn’t give it an exact location on the map, but it still helps far more. You need to go back to the west side of the map, to the southwest of Storage Town. When you land at the bunker, you want to go to the third entrance with a hatch. Go down it and to the left of the closed bunker entrance should be a computer you can interact with, unlocking the next piece of intel.

Objective 4

The fourth objective will take you to the same location as the third piece of intel. However, when you arrive at this position, you need to access the laptop while you have the Spotter Perk. You can only receive this perk by having it included in on your custom loadouts, which you can earn by obtaining a loadout drop in Warzone. It boils down to you receiving a random friendly loadout drop early in the game, or purchasing one for $10,000, and then rushing to this objective to interact with the laptop.

We listed the exact location for this intel, despite it being the same one from Objective 3.

Objective 5

The fifth piece of intel shows you a picture of a street, narrowing down the next intel location to the busier parts of the Verdansk map. You have to find yourself right in the middle of the action. The exact location is in the northwest section above the Downtown portion of the map, south of the Stadium. We have the exact building pictured below. Luckily, it’s on the bottom floor, and it’s a whiteboard you can interact with. The door to enter the building will be in front of the black van crashed on the sidewalk.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands

Objective 6

The final piece of intel only gives you a yellow sticky note that reads: Train – 19:30 Express. You won’t have too much to go off of beyond that. You need to the only available Train Station on the Verdansk map and go to the right of the center of the station. Go to the right side up the stairs, look for a monitor displaying all of the available train times. The intel piece is right in front of it.

Objective 7

The final objective gives you the most experience and a final tidbit about how all of the intel connects together. You can expect to see more of how everything weaves together with the next intel mission.

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