Is Verdansk Returning in Modern Warfare 3? Warzone 2 Rumor Breakdown

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 trailer has fans excited for the release later this year, and it also sparked many rumors about Verdansk.

A Modern Warfare 3 Operator rising out of the water in a Campaign teaser.

Image via Activision

Call of Duty fans have been going wild since the August 9 reveal that Modern Warfare 3 is officially on the way, and the inclusion of Verdansk’s stadium has been a central part of that classic nervous excitement. The following weeks saw a flurry of new teasers, trailers, and gameplay which further added fuel to the speculation that the beloved Warzone arena could be making a glorious return in the next iteration of the sequel.

While that’s still far from confirmed, there has definitely been enough material to justify the community’s curiosity. If you’re one of the thousands of players who would love to see that happen, here’s a rundown of what has caused the speculation and what we know about Warzone 2’s upcoming makeover.

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Could Verdansk Return in Modern Warfare 3?

This all started with Modern Warfare 3’s Makarov reveal trailer. This brief promo contained a treasure trove of easter eggs and hints, which stoked the flames of Verdansk’s return. A brief look at the fictional Sparks football stadium getting raided by the returning iconic villain was enough to get the idea off the ground.

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As more info began to roll out, things only heated up further. An image of Gora Dam, another Warzone POI, was quickly pointed out and assumed to be further proof. However, it’s important to note that these areas could be relevant to the campaign of Modern Warfare 3 only, as the developers have yet to acknowledge any speculation about these locations being included in the next era of Warzone 2.

Furthermore, any areas not shown in the trailers shouldn’t be looked at as a safe bet. As fun as it would be to have the original Verdansk map back, all speculation should be taken with a grain of salt until the Call of Duty Next showcase on October 5, where both MW3 and its Warzone 2.0 update will take centerstage.