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What is ADS in Call of Duty?

Enhance your accuracy and precision!

ADS (Aim Down Sight) is an essential mechanic in Call of Duty that every player should know how to use. ADS is what happens when you press the left trigger on your controller, or left-click on the mouse, and the camera shifts to your weapon’s sight, providing you with better accuracy and precision. This technique is commonly used when engaging enemies at medium to long-range distances, allowing you to hit your targets with greater accuracy.

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One of the significant advantages of ADS is that it reduces the amount of recoil in your weapon, making it easier to maintain accuracy while firing. Additionally, ADS provides players with a zoomed-in view of the environment, making it easier to spot enemies and objects from a distance. Furthermore, using ADS while moving also reduces your character’s movement speed, allowing you to maintain your aim better while strafing.

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However, ADS also has its disadvantages. For example, using ADS can cause tunnel vision, making it difficult to see anything outside of the weapon sight. Additionally, using ADS reduces your field of view, making it harder to track enemies that move quickly. As a result, players should use ADS judiciously and switch back to hip fire when necessary, especially when engaging targets at close range.

Moreover, ADS and hip fire have a trade-off, and knowing when to use each is crucial for mastering the game. Hip fire is best suited for close-quarter combat when the enemy is within a few meters. ADS, on the other hand, is ideal for medium to long-range engagements. A good rule of thumb is to use ADS when you have a clear line of sight on the enemy and switch back to hip fire when they get too close.

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