All legendary boons in Hades and how to get them

The gods have a legendary gift for you.

Image via Supergiant Games

You can acquire various useful boons from the various Greek gods attempting to you escape the underworld in Hades. Usually, these boons come in the form of a normal, rare, or epic variety. There are 12 legendary boons in the game, and each of them has a handful of requirements that you need to meet before you unlock them. If you do not meet these requirements, there’s no chance that they will drop for you during a run.

Once you meet those requirements, you can use various Keepsakes to increase the chance of having them drop, use Eurydice’s refreshing nectar, or the Yarn of Ariadne available at the Well of Charon.

All legendary boons

Here are all 12 of the legendary boons in Hades, and the requirements you have to meet before they have a chance to drop.

Bad News (Hermes)

Your cast deals more damage to foes with the Cast Crystal on them. Your first shot does +50%. Requires one of each:

  • Flood shot, Poseidon’s Aid, Tempest Flourish, Temptest Strike, or Tidal Dash
  • Breaking Wave, Razor Shoals, or Typhoon’s Fury

Black Out (Dionysus)

Hangover-afflicted foes take bonus damage in Festive Fog. Haze combo damage is now 100%. Requires one of each:

  • Bad influence, Dionysus’ Aid, Drunken Flourish, Drunken Strike, Numbing Sensation, or Peer Pressure
  • High Tolerance or Trippy Shot

Defiance (Chaos)

Gain +1 Death Defiance (this escape attempt). The slot goes away after you die during that run. However, you can replenish it using the Kiss of Styx, as if it were a normal slot. Requires any Chaos boon to drop.

Divine Protection (Athena)

You have a barrier that negates incoming damage. The barrier has a 20 second cooldown, and any attack you successfully block does not remove the barrier. Requires two of any of these boons:

  • Divine Strike, Divine Flourish, Divine Dash, or Holy Shield
  • Brilliant Riposte

Fully Loaded (Artemis)

You gain a Cast Crystal for your Cast, and it increases your ammunition by two. Requires two of the following boons:

  • Hunter’s Mark, Exit Wound, or Support Fire

Greater Recall (Hermes)

Your Cast automatically returns to you after it drops. You must choose these boons, and one of the final ones:

  • Infernal Soul Mirror Ability is active
  • Flurry Cast or Quick Reload

Huge Catch (Poseidon)

You have a much better chance to find Fishing Point in each of the chambers. Your fish spawn chance increases by 20 percent and the boon removes the Chambers Since Last Fishing Point spawn requirement. You need to have collected both of these boons:

  • Ocean’s Bounty and Sunken Treasure

Second Wave (Poseidon)

Your knock away effects shove foes a second time after the initial push. You must have one of each of the following choices:

  • Flood Shot, Poseidon’s Aid, Tempest Flourish, Tempest Strike, or Tidal Dash
  • Breaking Wave, Razor Shoals, or Typhoon’s Fury

Splitting Bolt (Zeus)

All of your lightning effects create an additional burst of electricity. The additional bolt does 40 lightning damage, it’s a slow-moving spark, it has a speed of 500, and bounces five times. You must have one of each of the following boons:

  • Storm Lightning
  • Double Strike or High Voltage

Unhealthy Fixation (Aphrodite)

Your weak effects also have a 15 percent chance to charm your foes, which lasts for four seconds. You must choose one from each of the following choices of boons:

  • Passion Dash, Crush Shot, Heartbreak Strike, Heartbreak Flourish, or Passion Flare
  • Empty Inside, Sweet Surrender, or Broken Resolve

Vicious Cycle (Ares)

Your blade rift effects deal more damage for each consecutive hit and your damage increases by one per hit. You must choose one from each of the following choices of boons:

  • Slicing Shot, Blade Dash, or Ares’ Aid
  • Black Metal or Engulfing Vortex

Winter Harvest (Demeter)

Chill-affected foes shatter when they reach 10 percent of their maximum health, and inflicting Chill nearby. The shatter does 50 area damage. You must choose one from each of the following choices of boons:

  • Frost Strike, Frost Flourish, Mistral Dash, Demeter’s Aid, or Snow Burst
  • Killing Freeze or Arctic Blast