All Lizbert Video Diary Locations in Bugsnax – Documentarian Trophy


Image via Sony

As you play through Bugsnax and try to uncover the truth about what happened to Lizbert, you will need to track down her video diaries. Not only will this teach you about important facets of life on the island, and the life of Lizbert, it will also get you the Documentarian Trophy.

In this guide, we will show you where to find them all. If you want to watch them, just head to Lizbert’s house in Snaxburg and use the projector on the table. You can find image and descriptions of where to find the diaries below, including details on any story points you need to reach to get them.

Video Diary #1

The first diary can be found on the table, right beside the projector. No challenge to getting this one, thankfully.

Video Diary #2

The second video diary can be found in the locket cabinet in Lizbert’s house. To get the key, you need to do missions for Beffica to convince her to return to the town, then interview her. When the interview is over, she will give you the key.

Video Diary #3

The third video diary can be found in the locked trunk in Lizbert’s house, although we are pretty sure this belongs to Eggabell. To get the key, you need to find Chandlo at the Sugarpine Woods and convince him to return to the town. Just like Beffica, he will give you the key when you interview him.

Video Diary #4

This one can be found in Sugarpine woods. There is a discarded bag along the cliff face to the right of the entrance to the area. You will find the video diary beside it.

Video Diary #5

For this one, you need to get both Floofty and Shelda to return to Snaxburg. Flooty can be found at Boiling Bay and Shelda can be found in Sizzling Sands. Just play through the story to make this happen. When they get back, interview them. Shelda will give you a small lockbox, and Flooty will give you the key. Inside, you can find the Video Diary.