All MCC Rising (Minecraft Championship) teams and players

New blood.

Imagine via Noxcrew

The MCC RIsing even will shake things up, bringing in all-new names and throwing them into the incredible games that Noxcrew has come up with. The event takes place on October 2 and will pit lots of new names against each other. Noxcrew has begun to announce the teams as we get close to the event, and we will be keeping a full list of them here.

In the MCCC Rising, ten teams of four go head to head in a variety of mini-games that test the core Minecraft skills: parkour, survival, combat, teamwork, and more. After eight games, the two teams with the most coins will go up against one another in one final matchup to decide the ultimate champion.

The various games that will be played include Decision Dome, Ace Race, Battle Box, Big Sales at Built Mart, Hole in the Wall, Parkour Tag, TGTTODAWSAF, Sky Battle, and Survival Games. The grand finale will be a game of Dodgebolt.

You can find all the announced teams, and the team members, below, so make sure to check the streams of your favorites to find out how well they are doing in the contest.

All MCC 16 Teams

Red Rabbits

Orange Ocelots

Yellow Yaks

Lime Llamas

Green Geckos

Cyan Coyotes

Aqua Axolotles

Blue Bats

Purple Pandas

Pink Parrots