All new content coming in The Sims 4 High School Years Expansion

Who doesn’t want to relive high school?

Image via EA

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The Sims 4 is getting another expansion called High School Years, slated to release on July 28. The number of expansions and content packs available in The Sims 4 continues to grow exponentially — here’s the new content players will be able to explore in High School Years expansion.

The High School Years expansion pack for Sims 4 contains precisely what it says: players will be able to control their teenage sims as they navigate the perils of high school. High school has a couple of steadfast tropes, and The Sims 4 seems poised to tackle them all.

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Introducing Copperdale High

Teenaged Sims will go to high school in a new location called Copperdale High. This will ultimately act as a new hub for many young Sims — between attending classes throughout the day, after-school clubs, and a heft of studying to stay on top of their grades, players will become familiar with the hallways and students of Copperdale High. Sims can even attend football games and cheer practice as they shape their futures through the most formidable years possible.

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Everything available to Sims isn’t focused entirely around Copperdale High, however. Fittingly, while much of the time teenagers spend does revolve around the school, there’s far more than a learning institution in play.

Dating and young love in The Sims 4

Much like reality, young love begins to blossom in The Sims 4 High School Years expansion. Teenaged Sims can now go on dates at the local Plumbite Pier. Take the Ferris Wheel with that special someone, or visit one of the many shops along the boardwalk to satiate that sweet tooth with your sweetheart.

Image via Electronic Arts

The High School Years expansion also brings out a monumental staple of high school — prom. Propose to your young sweetheart and go dance the night away in your special outfits, or just kick it with your close friends from clubs to celebrate your years.

Vibes and fashion with Copperdale High

Relationships are key, and The High School Years expansion appreciates this. While you’ll make fast friends in after-school clubs and school events, there are places off campus to visit, such as the ThrifTea.

The new spot in town offers boba tea and thrift shopping. Sims can browse through the thrift store, spend their Simoleons for some old-cum-new fashion, and sell these outfits — with clothes designed by Depop sellers — on an in-game app called Trendi to earn. This appears to blend with a new mechanic that allows young Sims to become influencers, which the game calls ‘Simfluencers’ with mechanics likely similar to the preexisting social media career.