All new premium hats and skins available in The Airship Among Us update

Be the poshest-looking crewmate (or imposter) on the ship.

The Airship Among Us promo image cropped

The Airship is the most anticipated Among Us update since launch, and the first major map-centric update since the game went viral. That said, there is more to the update than just a new map. There is also a plethora of new premium in-game cosmetics that you can purchase in a bundle. The Airship Skin Bundle is available on both mobile and PC, but not Nintendo Switch.

All Airship Skin Bundle Cosmetics

The bundle includes 13 new hats, 3 new skins as well as 1 unique kill animation. Let’s take a look at everything included in the Airship Skin Bundle.

Image via Innersloth

New Hats

  • Thomas Chestershire monocles
    Two monocles with chains hanging down from each side
  • Mr. Macbeth hat
    A tall dark green hat
  • Toppat Henry Stickmin hat
    A navy blue top hat with a gold detailing
  • Toppat Ellie Rose hat
    A light pink top hat with a purple detailing
  • Geoffrey Plumb hat
    A small black hat
  • Fredrick Muenster hat
    A top hat made of cheese with a bite taken out of it
  • Wizard Hat
    A blue wizard hat covered in yellow stars
  • Dave Panpa cap
    A black baseball cap with white writing
  • Ellie Rose Hair
    A short, shiny red hairdo
  • Ellry mohawk
    A large red mohawk
  • Right Hand Man hat and mustache
    A wide-brimmed black top hat with a big red mustache
  • Sven Svensson hat
    A small blue top hat with layered blond hair underneath
  • Burt Curtis hat
    A black top hat and a brown headset

New Skins

  • Prisoner skin
    An orange jumpsuit with white lettering
  • CCC skin
    A black outfit with a blue jacket and gold badge
  • Right Hand Man Reborn skin
    A unique skin that turns half of your Crewmate/Imposter body robotic

The Airship Among Us update went live on March 31.