All nine Entropic Shard Locations in Destiny 2 for the Studying Darkness Triumph

Touch the Darkness.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

Image via Bungie

For the Studying Darkness Triumph, and the Born to Darkness Part 4 quest, you will need to find all nine Entropic Shards in Destiny 2. These are spread out all over Europa. Before you go hunting them, remember that you need to shoot them with the Salvation’s Grip Exotic Rocket Launcher to Collect them.

Eight of them were originally in the game, and the ninth one has finally been added so we can show you the complete guide on where to find them. For people who have already gathered up the first eight, we will be starting with the last one to be added to the game to make your life a little easier.

Entropic Shard #1 – Creation, Bray Exoscience

For this one, you need to head to Bray Exoscience and make your way towards the Clovis AI. As you drop down into the massive chamber with the green platforms, go through the broken glass floor, and then look up from the platform below. The Entropic Shard will be floating above and in front of you.

Entropic Shard #2 – Cadmus Ridge

Just before you get to Bray Exoscience, on the right side of all the snow drifts.

Entropic Shard #3 – Concealed Void Lost Sector

You will need to make your way to the Concealed Void Lost Sector. You can find it floating up in the open section in the final boss room.

Entropic Shard #4 – Asterion Abyss, high up on the Vex structure

Head for the Asterion Abyss and climb up on the Vex structure there. Keep to the north end and you will find it right at the top.

Entropic Shard #5 – Riis-Reborn Approach, Eventide Ruins

Head into Riis-Reborn Approach, crossing the first bridge, and go through the doors. Go across the second bridge area, through the doors, then take a right and go upstairs and up the elevator. The Entropic Shard will be under the stairs directly ahead of you.

Entropic Shard #6 – Kell’s Rising

From there, head up the stairs where you found #5 and make your way to Kell’s Rising. You need to climb up through the Fallen City taking the ledge route that skirts around the right side. When you reach the end area, jump up on the building on the right side and the Shard will be there under the stairs.

Entropic Shard #7 – Bunker E15 Lost Sector, Eventide Ruins

Make your way to the Bunker E15 Lost Sector at Eventide Ruins. Head through it until you reach the first large room filled with enemies and the Entropic Shard will be to the right of the large glass wall, up near the ceiling.

Entropic Shard #8 – Eventide Ruins

From the door that leads to the Bunker 15 Entrance, take a left and follow the building around to reach some cracked and broken metal. The Entropic Shard is hiding inside the wreckage.

Entropic Shard #9 – Technocrat’s Iron, in the boss room of the factory

This one is a bit of a trek, and we would advise using the embedded video above to follow the route. You can find it all the way at the end of the factory, in the massive room where you fight the Factory Brig in Technocrat’s Iron.