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All playable characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Sadly, no Ronaldo.

The latest Mario Strikers game offers longtime Nintendo fans the opportunity to play as their favorite Mario characters in a new crazy setting. Mario Strikers: Battle League allows players to customize these characters with armor and have them play an intense game of soccer. In Battle League, Mario and his friends can use awesome new abilities to give them an edge on the field. This is the complete list of confirmed playable characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League as of its release.

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All playable characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League

The cast of the Mario games is vast and expansive, but Battle League will only launch with 10 characters. Nintendo has promised that more characters will be coming as free updates, so if you don’t see any of your favorites, don’t worry. There’s a good chance they’ll make it in the game eventually. The biggest omission at launch is Princess Daisy, a fan-favorite character from the franchise who was especially popular within the original Mario Strikers video game. We expect that she will make it in the game sooner rather than later though.

Each character comes with its own strengths and weaknesses. Bowser, for example, has high shooting stats but low speed. Stats can be tweaked with unlockable equipment that you can use to help diminish weaknesses or prioritize strengths. It seems as though you cannot choose your goalkeeper and everyone is stuck with NPC Boom Booms.


The head honcho of the Mario franchise and Nintendo’s mascot, Mario leads the pack of playable characters in Mario Strikers: Battle League. People all over the world recognize Mario’s stump body, red cap, and fire powers.


Always playing second fiddle to Mario, Luigi is the eternal player two in most people’s minds. Whereas Mario is red, Luigi is always wearing green. He is taller than Mario, but more of a coward as well.


Bowser is a big, monstrous turtle whose only goal in life is to marry Princess Peach. Mario is always chasing after him to save the Princess, and Bowser has a legion of minions under his command.

Princess Peach

Princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, even though she’s the only royalty living in the kingdom and should be queen. She is constantly getting kidnapped by Bowser and needs to be saved by Mario, but she is shown on occasion to have her own set of special powers.


Rosalina is an all-powerful princess that commands the Comet Observatory from space and is the mother of all Lumas. She is a constant ally and fan-favorite character from the Mario franchise.


The citizens that live within the Mushroom Kingdom, Toads are special beings with giant round heads (or hats), with short stumpy bodies. There are multiple different kinds of Toads that work around the Mushroom Kingdom.


Yoshi are dinosaur-like creatures that Mario and his allies can ride on to travel the different parts of the Mushroom Kingdom. They are friendly, cute, and come in different colors.

Donkey Kong

Mario’s original nemesis, Donkey Kong is a big ape who originally went out of his way to kidnap Mario’s girlfriend Pauline. He has since become a hero in his own right, being a protector of his jungle.


Mario’s evil twin, Wario is everything that Mario isn’t. He is lazy, greedy, and doesn’t value the importance of friendship and teamwork. He loves garlic and is known for his dangerous farts.


He didn’t make it into Super Smash Bros., but at least he made it to Battle League. Luigi’s evil twin, Waluigi is very tall and thin. He is rude and unlikable, with his only friend being Wario.

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