All rewards in Sea of Thieves: The Herald of the Flame Adventure and how to get them

Some extra fire your belly.

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The story of the Sea of Thieves continues with the Herald of the Flame Adventure and sends players hurtling into the volcanic Devil’s Roar in a quest to stop a terrible tyrant from returning from beyond the grave. As always, there are a pair of swanky rewards for completing the Adventure and all its optional content: a title and a fancy jacket.

Herald of the Flame Rewards

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The rewards structure for the Herald of the Flame Adventure follows the same as in previous activities. Your first available reward is a character cosmetic: time a jacket called Stitcher’s Stitches, which you have essentially pulled off the main NPC of the Adventure, Stitcher Jim. Earning the jacket is simple: complete the Adventure at any point during the two weeks it’s active. You don’t have to collect any other items or solve additional puzzles. Simply reach the Adventure Complete screen, and you’re all set.

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Getting your hands on the title — Quencher of the Flame — is a much harder task. In short, you’ll need to complete all seven Deeds available during the Adventure period, and like the Siren’s Prize last time, you’ll be hunting collectibles, journals, and old memories. Specifically, the Deeds are:

  • Meet Belle at Liar’s Backbone: Belle returns, this time in Devil’s Roar, and holds the key to Adventure.
  • Receive an Enchanted Lantern: You’ll receive the Lantern as part of the Adventure, and it’s essential to completing the activity.
  • Find all visions of Stitcher Jim: There are seven visions to collect, scattered across the Roar and the various Adventure areas.
  • Find hidden Reaper Scouts: You’ll use the Lantern to reveal three additional memories, this time from creatures tasked with spying on Stitcher Jim.
  • Examine Stitcher Jim’s Journals: Three more journal entries to read.
  • Defeat the Herald of the Flame: Be ready for another boss fight, this time against the eponymous Herald attempting to bring Flameheart back to this mortal coil.
  • Complete the Adventure: Head back to the Liar’s Backbone and speak to Belle about your victory.

You don’t need to complete the Deeds during a single run of the Adventure, as the game saves your progress should you complete the activity but not every optional objective. It’s easiest to finish all the Deeds at once, as their requirements tend to become available as the Adventure progresses.