How to complete all deeds in Sea of Thieves: The Herald of the Flame Adventure

The return of an old friend.

Image via Xbox/Rare

The time has come for all good pirates to once again take to the Sea of Thieves in search of treasure and adventure. The latest adventure, The Herald of the Flame, asks captains and their crews to investigate the exploits of Stitcher Jim. As always, this adventure comes with a set of Deeds to complete, rewarding players with renown and a new title for anyone able to complete them all. Here are all the deeds in the Sea of Thieves The Herald of the Flame adventure and how to complete them.

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The Herald of the Flame deeds in Sea of Thieves – what they are and how to complete them

Image via Rare/Xbox

These deeds will guide players through the story of The Herald of the Flame adventure in Sea of Thieves. They center around the story of Stitcher Jim, who we’ve not heard from since the Heart of Fire Tall Tale. The deeds associated with The Herald of the Flame require pirate captains to sail to various islands to uncover what has happened to Sticher Jim since we last saw him.

To begin this adventure, you’ll need to speak to Larinna at an Outpost in the game. She will be standing just outside the local tavern. This will set you off on your latest adventure across the Sea of Thieves.

The deeds for this adventure are:

  • Meet Belle at Liar’s Backbone: Belle has called for your help. Find her at Stitcher Jim’s old hideout
  • Receive an Enchanted Lantern: Belle’s ally possesses a valuable tool that will help you in your search.
  • Find all visions of Stitcher Jim: Memories of Jim’s past actions will help you track him down. There are seven of these memories to collect.
  • Find hidden Reaper Scouts: Use the lantern to find memories of creatures spying on Stitcher Jim. There are three of these creatures to uncover.
  • Examine Stitcher Jim’s Journals: Sticher Jim left three journals in his wake. What secrets might they reveal? There are three journals to find.
  • Defeat the Herald of the Flame: A shadowy figure spoken of in Ancient prophecy, who must be stopped at all costs.
  • Complete the Adventure: Return to Belle with triumphant news of the Herald’s defeat.