All romance options in Potionomics

Who will win Sylvia’s heart?

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In Potionomics, Sylvia is in charge of running a potions shop that her uncle passed down to her after his death. However, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a little time for some romance. In Potionomics, you can befriend and romance some of the characters you come across in the game. So the question is, who can you romance in Potionomics?

Who can you romance in Potionomics?

There are nine characters you can romance in Potionomics. Those characters are:

  • Baptiste
  • Corsac
  • Luna
  • Mint
  • Muktuk
  • Quinn
  • Roxanne
  • Saffron
  • Zidriel

You can only date one character at a time, and it’s permanent, so once you enter a relationship, there’s no backing out of it. Thankfully, the game will tell you when you’re about to enter a romantic relationship with someone, so if you want to back out and get involved with someone else, you can.

How to get closer to characters in Potionomics

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After a long day of managing the shop, Sylvia will build up a lot of stress. Hanging out with characters when she’s stressed is the perfect time to get closer to them and help our main character relax. You’ll need to travel to their location, which takes up a single time block. Traveling from one character to the next will not eat up your time; only just traveling from your shop to somewhere will.

When you travel to someone, you’ll have a few different options. The first option will be different depending on who you’re talking to. For example, when talking to Quinn, you can buy items from them. But when you visit Mint, you can send her on an adventure. The other three options, “Rank Up,” “Hangout,” and “Gift,” will appear for everyone.

“Rank Up” is locked until you’ve become close enough to that person. To unlock that option, you can hang out with them. You’ll have four different options to choose from, all of them taking up different amounts of time. You can also gift the person something. Here are the romance interests’ favorite category of ingredients:

  • Baptiste: Flower
  • Corsac: Fungus
  • Luna: Fruit
  • Mint: Bone
  • Muktuk: Fish
  • Quinn: Slime
  • Roxanne: Gem
  • Saffron: Plant
  • Xidriel: Bug

Whenever you have scenes with these characters, especially during “Rank Ups,” make sure you pick the flirty options if you want to enter a romantic relationship with them. If you choose just to remain friendly with them, you’ll just maintain a platonic relationship with them at Rank 7 and beyond.