All safe combinations in The Last of Us Part II

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Last of Us Part II

Image via Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Part II can be a harrowing experiencing, and you will need all the help you can get to survive what is coming your way. Getting into safes will get you some much-needed resources, but all safes are locked, and you will need to find combinations to open them. In this guide, we aim to make your life much easier by listing all the safe combinations in the game. Think of it as your cat burglar cheat sheet.

Jackson – the supermarket

This safe is found after you squeeze through the crack in the wall into the room with spores. The combination is 072013.

Downtown – Westlake Bank

The bank vault is a safe, and the combination is 602306.

Downtown #2 – Checkpoint Gate West 2

You can find this near the Valiant Music store on Madison Street. The combination is 0451.

Downtown # 3 – The Courthouse

Downstairs in the courthouse, you will find another safe. The combination is 860722.

Hillcrest – Shear Lux Salon

You can find this safe in a garage behind the hair salon. The combination is 308265.

The Seraphites – the apartment building

You can find this safe in the wardrobe in one of the apartments. The combination is 100883.

The Seraphites # 2 – after a boss fight

When you fight the pickaxe wielding enemy, look for a sign that says Weston’s Pharmacy. The safe is inside. The combination is 385523.

The Flooded City

This safe can be found in the room where you raise the gate to let the boat through. Move the trolley to get access to a hole in the wall that you can crawl through. The combination is 701264.

On Foot

This safe can be found in the cabins directly after you get off the boat. The combination is 173807.

Hostile Territory – Jasmine Bakery

This safe can be found in Jasmine Bakery, across from the entrance. The combination is 689689.

The Coast

You can find this safe after fighting the Shambler on the Sun Deck. The combination is 907701.

The Shortcut

You will need to jump across a gap between buildings, from a collapsed balcony. In the new building, you will find a safe in the bedroom. The combination is 302304.

The Descent

In a closest beside the gym, you can find the final safe. The combination is 121879