All Salvage Contractor locations in Horizon Forbidden West

Salvage Contracts unlock some great rewards.

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Keruf is sponsoring a contest. He wants all the Salvagers in the west to craft the best armor they can. Of course, they can’t do it alone. You are going to need to find all of the Salvage Contractors and give them a hand as they build their works of art. You will get plenty of rewards in return. Here is where you can find all the Salvage Contractors in Horizon Forbidden West.

Larend – Barren Light

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Larend is the first Salvage Contractor you will find because he is directly linked to Keruf’s quest. After you speak to Keruf in Barren Light, he will direct you out to No Man’s Land where his camp is. In Keruf’s camp, you will meet Larend. He has a total of four missions for you:

  • Scavengers
  • Convoy Ambush
  • Alarm Antennas
  • Elusive Fanghorn

Runda – The Stillsands

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After you complete the Eye of the Earth story mission, you will gain access to the rest of the Forbidden West. During this time, if you decide to go south to where Gaia says the ruins of Las Vegas are, you can find Runda just northwest of the ruins. She has an additional four missions for you to complete:

  • Lost Supplies
  • Pristine Bellowback
  • Missing Gear
  • Rollerback Salvage

Handa – The Greenswell

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Instead of heading south after unlocking the rest of the west, head north to the Greenswell and you can find Handa. Her camp can be found northeast of Scaling Spear and a little bit south of the northern edge of the map. She has an additional five missions for you:

  • Ancient Relics
  • Property Retrieval
  • Plowhorns and Plants
  • Speedy Lancehorns
  • Ravager Cannon

Danur – The Raintrance

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Danur is probably the last Salvage Contractor you will find. He is far west on the opposite side of the map from where you start your journey. Beyond the desert, Danur is in the rainforest east of Thornmarsh. He has an additional four missions for you:

  • Mine Launchers
  • Colleague and Key
  • Reinforced Components
  • Underwater Salvage

Once you have all of the missions completed, you will need to meet up with Keruf in the Barren Light Salvage Camp to complete the questline that he initiates.