All stats in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero and how they work

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All of the heroes in the mobile game My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero come with the same stats. You can find these stats by clicking on a specific hero you’ve unlocked, going to their character sheet, and then clicking the small ‘details’ icon in the lower right hand of your screen. It’s important to know what the stats mean because you want to give certain heroes specific chips and upgrades to increase the stats they use the most during combat. Here’s a breakdown for all 11 of them.

All stats in My Hero Academia: The Strongest Hero

Here’s what the full page of stats look like when you’re examining a character in your roster.

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The attack stat shows how much damage your hero will be able to deal to their opponents. The more attack power they have, the more straight damage they’ll be able to dish out during a fight.


The defense stat reduces the amount of damage a hero will take from an attack. The higher defense they have, the less damage they’ll receive from any opponent hitting them, PvP or PvE.


The HP stat shows how much health the character has. When they reach zero HP during a fight, the hero passes out, and they no longer participate in an engagement.

Power, Technical, or Speed

The Power, Technical, or Speed stat varies for every hero, depending on their type. All Might, for example, is a Power hero, whereas Midoriya is a Speed hero. Regardless of the name, it does the same thing for each character: increase their overall attack power, giving them more strength.


The critical chance stat shows the chance of your hero landing a critical hit. The critical chance is not one for one for the critical chance. For example, Midoriya’s crit stat could be 103, which equals a 7.24% critical chance rate. The higher you go, the better chance your hero has landing a critical attack.

Critical Damage

The critical damage stat shows how much damage your hero will deal when they score a critical hit. Similar to the critical chance stat, the critical damage number is not one for one. For example, Mirodirya has a 51 critical damage stat, which equals his critical hits dealing 157.44% more damage than a regular attack.

Damage Increase

The damage increase stat shows how much more damage your hero deals when they land a basic attack. This stat is layered on top of their regular attack stat whenever they land a hit.


The penetration stat for your hero determines how much their attack ignores the enemy’s armor. Much like critical chance and critical damage, this stat is not one for one. For example, a hero’s penetration stat set to 41 will be a 1.31% penetration rate for a hero’s attacks.

Critical Resistant Rate

The critical resistant rate for your hero shows the chance your hero has of avoiding a critical hit. The higher of a critical resistant rate your hero has, the less chance they have of being hit by an enemy or another hero’s critical hit attacks.


The tenacity stat lowers the amount of critical hit damage your hero receives. Even if they are hit by a critical hit from an enemy, the tenacity stat lowers this, making sure they don’t take a full hit from a critical strike.


The decrease stat is their damage mitigation. Even if they are hit by an attack, the defense stat lowers the overall damage your hero receives from any attack.