All The Lost Team intel mission locations in Call of Duty: Warzone

More intel missions for you to complete.

No Man's Sky Synthesis Update

Intel missions have returned to Call of Duty: Warzone for season 5. Ghost has a new series of hidden messages for you to find around Verdansk. There are four objectives you need to discover, and the intel he gives you only provides a small hint at where you need to go, not the exact location. You can expect to see these every few weeks during Season 5.

Anytime you collect a piece of intel you must wait until the end of the match to go for the next one. You cannot complete two intel locations within the same game.

Objective 1

The first image looks like the inside of a bunker, with a sandbag wall, and a small cache of supplies to the side. It’s an image of the underground roadway for Verdansk’s International Airport. You can find it in the northwest portion of the map, on the west side of the airport. There are multiple ways to get inside of the airport’s parking garage. Look for the small cache to the right of the sandbag wall, and you will find the intel point.

Objective 2

The next piece of intel is of a top-down image of the front of Verdansk’s airport. It’s a much-too obvious image of where you need to go next, but that’s the misleading bit. It’s the text on the message you need to pay attention to. It’s telling you to go to the housing structures to the southeast of the Superstore. Go to the housing area, and proceed to the north to find the small building that looks like a back office. It’s on the floor in all of the papers, in front of the desk.

Objective 3

The next piece of intel shares a report of survivors involved in a helicopter crash that happened outside of the town’s City Hall. It’s in the downtown district, and the exact crash occurred to the south of City Hall. The point of intel you want to collect for this mission is inside the helicopter, so you have to investigate the crash scene.

Objective 4

The final intel mission is a distorted, static-filled message about comm towers. There’s little information regarding what you need to do next or where you have to go. The three towers mentioned in the message are the key, and yes, you need to collect a piece of intel from all three of them. These comm towers are large and hard to miss, but you need to survive your match to visit all three of them.

Because you need to visit multiple locations, this is a good objective to complete while playing the Plunder game mode where you have far more opportunities to respawn. If you don’t collect all of the intel points in a match, you have to start over. You’re better off using a helicopter to fly around the map rather than using a traditional four-wheeler. Here are the locations of all three towers.

First Comm Tower

Second Comm Tower

Third Comm Tower

Objective 5

The final objective gives you a good boost of XP for completing all of the intel missions, and it reveals the person who has been captured is being kept in the gulag. We do not know their identity at this time.