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All upcoming Babylon’s Fall Season 1 and Season 2 content and balance changes

Almost every system will see an overhaul eventually.

As announced in a March 18 update, Babylon’s Fall developer PlatinumGames is committed to supporting the game and building it into a healthy live service title. This vision sees Babylon’s Fall progress through its planned seasonal content and undergo a series of changes over the next couple of months. More specifically, Season 1 The Eternal Ziggurat will run until May 31, and Season 2 should begin in early June. A number of the changes listed below will arrive with the March 22 Version 1.1.0 update, and the rest will come sometime between then and the April 26 Version 1.1.1 update. Aside from promised improvements to quality of life, accessibility, and stability, the first two seasons of Babylon’s Fall will usher in a great deal of new content and changes to how the game works currently.

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New playable content

A new playable character archetype will be added to Babylon’s Fall: Molzamite. Naturally, players will gain access to a new slot so they can create a Molzamite character without sacrificing existing characters. A new Labrys weapon will be added as well. It looks like a big axe, and it comes with the Stronghold ability: using Gutwork with a fully charged heavy attack confers the player a strong damage resistance buff for a duration. Naturally, there will also be more Divine and Legendary tier items added to Babylon’s Fall, as well as new Enchantments.

Game modes and activities

All game modes in Babylon’s Fall will be adjusted to make them more engaging and rewarding, and players should also look forward to a brand new mode.

  • The Campaign will get a new chapter titled Resurgence, which takes place in a part of the Tower known as Blockade Zone. Campaign Quests will be scaled down, reducing both the number of enemies in each run, and the number of map gimmicks.
  • The Skirmish mode will get more quests and more special enemies, and Diodorus will enter the Duel mode pool of bosses. After an unspecified late March update, Duels are slated to get harder in general but to offer better rewards for completion as well.
  • Babylon’s Fall will get a new game mode titled Gauntlet. As the name implies, this is a high difficulty dungeon run. Gauntlets will come with unique difficulty modifiers, but are otherwise standard runs and can be tackled solo or with other players.
  • The queue time before launching a Quick Match will be set to 5 minutes. Improvements to the solo queue are also being made, with solo players getting 10 Potions per run (up from 5) and having enemies scaled down to keep combat manageable.
  • Finally, at some point in Season 2, the Siege mode will be redesigned to make sure it doesn’t continue to overshadow other endgame activities in Babylon’s Fall.

Meta and loot

Babylon’s Fall is a looter game, and as such its loot economy and progression are subject to constant scrutiny and, ideally, improvement.

  • Characters’ maximum level will be increased to 22, and their maximum power will be increased to 200.
  • Item Enchantments will see a number of changes, with many of them rebalanced to open up more build paths. The Refine feature will be added to the Forge, allowing players to reroll one of the Enchantments of each item. Refining uses a currency farmed in the new Gauntlet game mode. Notably, the internal logic for randomly assigning Enchantments to items will be tweaked to make it more likely to get a synergistic enchantment for the weapon type.
  • Re-purchasing restricted items at the Conch Shop will be lowered to 20 hours (from 24), and the purchasing limit of various materials has been increased to 5 (from 3.)
  • Weapon balance will get a lot of attention in Season 2 and onwards, with Platinum committing to buff unpopular weapon types to make them catch up to current fan favorites the Sword and Bow.

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