All upgrades in Halo Infinite’s campaign

There are a lot of abilities for you to upgrade.

Screenshot via Xbox YouTube

Master Chief is a Spartan-II, and canonically, that means his physical abilities are far more enhanced than those possessed by the Spartan-IVs featured in the multiplayer. Appropriately, Chief can do things in the campaign the multiplayer Spartans cannot, such as permanently enhancing his shield’s strength, or upgrading his various abilities.

By finding Spartan Cores scattered around Halo Infinite’s setting of Zeta Halo, you can upgrade Chief’s various abilities to make him even more a force to be reckoned with than the hulking Spartan already was to begin with. Here is every upgrade you can acquire in Halo Infinite’s campaign, alongside how much cost.


This ability lets you launch a grappling hook that can be used to pull yourself towards enemies or surfaces. You can also use it to swing across gaps or pull pieces of equipment, such as fusion coils or weapons, towards you. Its upgrades make it an effective tool for stunning enemies.

  • Voltaic: Hitting an enemy with the Grappleshot will stun them. Costs one Spartan Core.
  • Quickshot: Reduces the Grappleshot’s cooldown by 40%. Costs two Spartan Cores.
  • First Strike: Allows you to perform a powerful melee attack by holding down the melee button while grappling an enemy/surface. Costs three Spartan Cores.
  • Reachfall: Increases blast radius and damage of First Strike. Your shockwave blasts now stun enemies caught in it. Costs three Spartan Cores.

Shield Core

You don’t have to do anything to activate this ability; pouring points into this upgrade path simply increases the strength of Master Chief’s shield. This is a must if you’re planning on tackling the game on higher difficulties.

  • Fortress: Boosts shield strength by 15% of base shield strength. Costs one Spartan Core.
  • Bastille: Boosts shield strength by 15% of base shield strength. Costs two Spartan Cores.
  • Redoubt: Boosts shield strength by 15% of base shield strength. Costs three Spartan Cores.
  • Citadel: Boosts shield strength by 15% of base shield strength. Costs three Spartan Cores.

Threat Sensor

This piece of equipment lets you fire off a projectile that scans for enemies. Any enemies caught in its radius will be visible to you. These upgrades enhance its detection abilities.

  • Seeker: The Threat Sensor’s detection radius expands by 50%. Costs one Spartan Core.
  • Operative: You receive a second charge for the Threat Sensor. Costs two Spartan Cores.
  • Clairvoyant: Threat Sensor cooldown reduced by 40%. Costs three Spartan Cores.
  • Omnisicent: Adds uninterrupted enemy visibility to the Threat Sensor. Also reveals enemies’ health. Costs three Spartan Cores.

Drop Wall

This ability lets you deploy an energy shield to take cover behind. It can come in handy when cover is lacking. Many of the Drop Wall upgrades strengthen the shield’s strength.

  • Swift Shelter: Drop Wall cooldown reduced by 20%. Costs one Spartan Core.
  • Rampart: Drop Wall strength increased by 35%. Costs two Spartan Cores.
  • Blockade: Drop Wall strength increased by 70%; the wall’s size is also increased. Costs three Spartan Cores.
  • Direct Current: Any shots fired through the Drop Wall now deals shock damage. Costs three Spartan Cores.


You can use the thruster to quickly propel yourself in one direction. It can be used to quickly dodge attacks, or to increase the height/length of your jumps. Upgrades here enhance its evasive properties.

  • Afterburner: Your Thruster gets a second charge. Costs one Spartan Core.
  • Impulse: Boosts your Thruster’s power, allowing you to fly further and faster. Costs two Spartan Cores.
  • Escape Velocity: Activates a cloak for four seconds upon using Thruster. Costs three Spartan Cores.
  • Thermal Control: Thruster cooldown reduced by 20%. Costs three Spartan Cores.