All weather types and how they work in Phasmophobia

Make sure to dress accordingly.

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For the Nightmare update, several types of weather were added to Phasmophobia, adding a layer of challenge for each one. There are several weather types that you might encounter when embarking on a ghost investigation. Each contains unique challenges that will make learning about the ghost much more challenging. Here are all of the weather types in Phasmophobia that can appear and how they work.

These are all of the types of weather that can appear during a ghost investigation in Phasmophobia.

  • Clear Skies
  • Fog
  • Heavy Rain
  • Light Rain
  • Light Snow
  • Strong Wind

Clear skies will be the best weather for a ghost investigation. There’s no chance of anything potentially interrupting your equipment or making things more challenging.

The fog weather reduces visibility outside, which isn’t the worst thing in the world while working inside the house. However, for the Mape Lodge Campsite map, you’ll have a lot of trouble searching in the exterior of the home.

The heavy and light rain conditions make it harder to use candles and lighters outside. So you’ll need to wait until you’re indoors if you want to light a candle, activate a lighter, or use smudge sticks. The same goes for strong wind.

Light snow can make it challenging to narrow down the ghost’s room if you’re using the thermometer. Unfortunately, everything will be much colder in this condition, so you’ll need to rely on other equipment to track down the ghost.

You will not be able to see what type of weather a location has before accepting a contract. Therefore, you’ll need to prepare for any to appear and adapt to the situation accordingly.