All worlds in Kingdom Hearts IV

The main attraction of any Kingdom Hearts game.

Image via Disney/Square Enix

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One of the reasons the Kingdom Hearts series is so beloved by its fans is the crossovers it features in it between Disney and Final Fantasy characters and worlds. Regardless of which side you would prefer to see more of, we can all agree that seeing them appear in the game at all is cause for celebration. So as is the case with any game in the series, Kingdom Hearts IV features various worlds you will travel to. Here are all the worlds that appear in Kingdom Hearts IV.

Note: as of this writing, we are only going off what was shown in the reveal teaser trailer for Kingdom Hearts IV. Only one world has been confirmed as of now, with a couple being hinted at. We will update this article when we know more later.

Confirmed worlds


Image via Square Enix

Quadratum is the world that Sora wakes up in with a new look and is actually in a separate universe from what he is used to. Even with plenty of life moving in the city, the area is described as an “afterworld” for Sora after sacrificing himself to bring back Kairi with the Power of Waking in Kingdom Hearts III.

Teased worlds

Endor from Star Wars

Image via Square Enix

While looking at a forest area in the reveal trailer, you can see some kind of mechanical leg that looks similar to one that would be at the bottom of an AT-ST from Star Wars. Given that it is located in a forest area, we can guess this takes place on the Forest Moon of Endor, a location seen in Star Wars: Episode VI: Return of the Jedi. Whether or not the game would follow that story or make a new one is unknown right now.

The Underworld from Hercules

Image via Square Enix

At the end of the reveal trailer, we see Donald and Goofy on the search for someone who could presumably help them find Sora. The area they are in is pitch black until a blue light appears behind them. They turn around, and the blue flame turns red as they are supposedly attacked. This indicates that this was Hades from Hercules, and they are in The Underworld. Hercules worlds have appeared in many Kingdom Hearts games, so seeing yet another return from the God of The Underworld is not that surprising, especially when you consider how he may have some way to get the two to Sora.