Is there a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts IV?

The fight of light and dark continues.

Image via Square Enix

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Ever since Disney made their huge acquisition of the Star Wars franchise years ago, fans of the Kingdom Hearts series have wondered if the mega-franchise could appear in one of the games. While we have not seen any Jedi or Sith using the Force in any of the prior games yet, the arrival of a new saga leaves room for other new things to make an appearance. So, is there a Star Wars world in Kingdom Hearts IV?

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As of this writing, there is no concrete confirmation that Kingdom Hearts IV will feature a world revolved around Star Wars. That being said, people are pointing to a specific section of the game’s reveal trailer as a possible hint that the Ewoks are on the way.

Image via Square Enix

During a cutaway from the city where the trailer mostly focuses, Quadratum, we see a forest area with a stream moving through it. In a quick glance at this area, we get a glimpse of some kind of metal leg that could potentially be holding up an AT-ST. Comparing the waterfall area to a site from Star Wars: Battlefront II also looks very similar to Endor.

While you can definitely call some parallels between both images, we will caution you to hold your expectations in check. Without official confirmation, the two locations looking similar could be coincidental, especially considering that EA, not Square Enix, developed Battlefront II. Also, there is not much to say that the Kingdom Hearts area is simply a basic forest area.

We will update this post when more information comes out.