Anno 1800: How to Rotate Buildings

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Watching your city grow in Anno 1800 is a great experience. Placing all those farms, factories and houses in just the right way to make the most out of the available land is important! In this guide, we show you how to rotate buildings.

How To Rotate Buildings

Rotate Buildings

When you click on a building that you wish to construct in the menu, it will often not be facing the way you want it to. You can rotate the building, however! Using the comma (,) and period (.) keys will rotate the building left and right, allowing you to place it more easily. In this way, you can squeeze as many buildings as possible into the available land, and design your city to look as beautiful as possible.

Another helpful tool is the Blueprint Mode. In the bottom right-hand side of the screen is a button that allows you to turn Blueprint Mode on and off. Working in Blueprint Mode means you can plan the buildings, but not start constructing them yet. And, of course, you can still use the comma and period key to rotate the buildings in the planning stage as well.