Anthem Escari Guide: Stop the Kidnapper Escari Before It Does More Harm

During one of Anthem’s main campaign quests, Inverse Functions, you and your team of Freelancers learn that an Escari has been kidnapping Arcanists in the area. To ensure the Escari cannot continue its mischievous activities, you race after it and attempt to take it out. You’ll find this encounter is not a particularly easy fight, especially given the size of the creature. An Escari is a massive Scar that closely resembles a tank-like bug with four legs. You and your squadmates have to take it out.

Here’s are some great tips to take down the Kidnapping Escari.

Battling The Creature

When you and your squad arrive, you’re going to see a massive beast emerge from the ground similar in size to the ursix, but smaller than a regular titan. You’re going to find the large guns and cannons attached to it are not merely for show. You’ll want to keep your distance and take note of any nearby cover as this area is respawn restricted. If you go down, one of your teammates will have to revive you. Should you all go down, you’ll have to begin the fight again.

When the fight starts, try to position your squad so you’re split up, two Javelins on both sides of the creature. A colossus with the support item Battle Cry would work great to get the Escari’s attention. If your group has an interceptor, you can always have them rush behind the Escari and start using melee attacks on the creature’s feet. Everyone will want to aim for the creature’s feet to do damage because if you hurt these parts, the Escari should crumble and it’ll kneel for a few seconds. When this happens, it’s the perfect opportunity to attack without it fighting back.

It’s important to note the Escari is not alone in this fight. Throughout the entire encounter, you’re going to have to deal with minions running around attempting to protect their leader. You’ll have the regular cannon fodder firing up at you and your allies, but most of them shouldn’t cause you too much trouble. However, you’ll want to make sure you’re on the lookout for Scar Scouts. These enemies can snipe your shields down with a single, well-timed shot if you’re not paying attention. When you see one, either quickly eliminate it or roll out of its line of sight, and continue firing at the Escari. You’re also likely to have a few enforcers spawn, but due to the limited range of their flamethrowers, they’re mostly there to distract you from fighting the big boss.

The worst thing for you to do in this fight is to stick close to your allies. The Escari’s attacks can decimate you, and if you’re close together, it’ll take more than one of you out. Keep your distance away from your allies. Also, there’s a cliff nearby you can use to momentarily take a break and recover your shields before jumping back into the fight.

Follow this guide, and you and your squad should deal with this troublesome boss without any complications.