Anthem: Becoming the Storm Javelin | Class and Build Guide

When you’re in a storm Javelin, you wield the many elements in Anthem and use them to unleash untold destruction on all of your foes. You’ll also quickly find out the storm Javelin doesn’t do well remaining idle in combat. You have to glide around the battlefield, staying ever watchful over your allies and helping them when you’re capable.

We’ve crafted a guide to ensure you’re ready to wield this unpredictable Javelin and yield the best results in any squad encounter.

The Storm Javelin

How It Works

Because you’re running around acting as the team’s glass cannon, you can’t afford to remain in one spot. That’s also why out of all the Javelins the storm can optimize its jets the longest and stay hovering for an extended period. When you’re flying, you can easily weave and glide around a fight, sneaking behind cover when you need to recover your shields, or slide closer to a bigger foe and start raining down elemental destruction on anyone unlucky enough to catch your sights.

Now we arrive at the dominant powers of the storm Javelin: their elemental abilities. They have two sets of seals at their disposal capable of unleashing powerful strikes, using numerous area of effect (AoE) attacks to damage multiple opponents. If used correctly, the storm Javeline can unleash devastating combos, or provide their squad with ideal openings for their entire team.

Your ultimate, the Elemental Storm, allows the storm Javelin to call upon the elemental attacks. They use Ice, Storm, and Fire, in that order, in the ultimate, and deal a great deal of AoE damage to the area they highlight. Most foes cannot withstand a full barrage from the storm Javelin unless they’re of the Legendary variety.

The Storm’s Offensive and Support Abilities

Blast Seals

The blast seals are the significantly larger elemental attacks equipped to the storm Javelin. These come with a bigger punch but have a longer cooldown.

  • Ice Storm: A highlighted sphere shows up, and you can freeze most unshielded foes caught in it. You can fire off three before needing a recharge.
  • Ice Blast:
  • Living Flame: Charge up this eager fire attack, and it’ll seek out foes, bouncing between them. You can even have it go through walls. Any enemy hit by it receives a fire status for a short period, and are slowly damaged
  • Flame Burst: A highlighted sphere pops up, dealing burning fire damage to any enemies caught within it, much like the Ice Storm. You can fire off five before needing to recharge. Any foe caught in this attack receives burning status and receive damage over time
  • Lightning Strike: A massive lightning strike damages the area the player highlights, shocking all enemies caught within it and they gain a charge
Focus Seals

Your bread and butter as a storm Javelin. You can expect to throw these off often throughout a fight, damaging foes left and right.

  • Shock Burst: Fire this ability at your foes and watch it jump between them; this little piece of incredible lightning can also go through walls. Those who get hit by it have an electrical status for some time
  • Arc Burst: Similar to the Shock Burst, this jolt of powerful lightning goes to only two opponents. However, it deals significantly more damage but comes with a longer recharge. The enemies hit by this do not receive an electrical status
  • Glacial Spear: A charged Ice attack that damages foes in a single area; it does do AoE, but not as large as other attacks can dish out. Your opponents need to cluster up for it to take effect
  • Frost Shards: Another charged Ice attack. However, you fire out multiple ice shards capable of bouncing off walls and hit a target
  • Burning Orb: You can shoot out rapid fireballs, or choose to charge one up for a massive AoE attack. The longer you hold the recharge, the larger of an area it hits
Support Seals

These support seals provide help the battlefield to aid your squadmates

  • Quickening Field: A small sphere where any Javelin inside it receives a faster recharge rate of all of their gear.
  • Wind wall: A large barrier appears where the storm Javelin throws it, protecting those behind it fore a limited time. Any friendly can freely fire through it to damage foes.

Ideal Builds

Anthem's Storm

Standard Long Range
  • Marksman Rifle
  • Sniper Rifle
  • Ice Storm or Flame Blast
  • Burning Orb or Arch Blast
  • Quickening Field
  • Components: Increase your gun’s ammo reserves, reduce the cooldown on your seal along with increasing their damage output

The storm Javelin was designed to hang around the back and provide support where it can. For this, you’ll want to equip a marksman rifle as your main gun and a sniper rifle for your other. This way, you’re forcing yourself to remain as far from the front of the action as possible, but you don’t lose any main weapon support. For your blast seal, choose to equip the Ice Storm to freeze any unshielded opponents, or select the Flame Blast to set your foes aflame. For your focus, you’ll likely want to run in with the Burning Orb if you choose Ice Storm, or the Arc Blast if you prefer Flame Blast. This way, you’re not giving up any weapon range and you can still use your powers as often as possible. Because you’re in the back, the Quickening Field should allow to fire off your elemental attacks more often.

Because you’re remaining long range, pick components that grant you access to more marksman rifle or sniper rifle ammo. You don’t want to spend too much time in the back reloading your weapons, in-between power cooldowns.

Medium Range
  • Assault Rifle or Light Machine gun
  • Shotgun or Sniper Rifle
  • Lightning Strike
  • Frost Shards or Shock Burst
  • Wind Wall
  • Components: increase the ammo reserves on your weapons, increase your shields and armor, and reduce the amount of heat your jets take

With this build, you’ll want to get your hands dirty a little bit, and you’re going to receive damage every so often. Being close means you’ll want to have an assault rifle or a light machine gun handy to make short work of your foes. For a secondary, choose a shotgun if you find yourself preferring to close the distance or a sniper rifle. Both are optimal choices. For your blast seal, you’ll want to pick the Lightning strike as you can reliably fire it off and cause havoc with your foes. As for your focus seal, the Frost Shards should hit some opponents at the same time, or rely on the Shock Burst, as you’ll see more foes huddled together.

Being at a medium range does mean you’re in more danger. Make this choice if you’re comfortable with the storm Javelin’s quick evasion abilities and you’re familiar with most of the environments. You’re going to find yourself hiding behind cover more often than now, and your main weapon should assist you in getting of tough spots.

Quick and Close
  • Light Machine Gun or Shotgun
  • Heavy Pistol or Assault rifle
  • Living Flame or Ice Blast
  • Shock Burst or Burning Orbs
  • Wind Wall
  • Components: Increase the amount of damage your combos do, increase the damage of your melee attacks, reduce your gear’s cooldown, and increase the amount of ammo you can hold

This build may not make the most effective use of the storm Javelin’s long-range capability or its limited health, but this can prove widely fun. You’ll want to pick either a light machine or a shotgun for your primary weapon. And, because you’re going to see the eyes of your foes, your secondary gun should either be a heavy pistol, or an assault rifle. Both are ideal up close and can make short of incredible foes if you know your weapon points. Being this close also comes with its advantages, it means you can hit more enemies at once. You’ll want to have the Living Flame or the Ice Blast equipped for your Blast Seals, and have the Shock Burst or the Burning Orbs for your Focus Seals. These choices should get you out of trouble.

When you’re this close, it’s easy to get cornered. You’ll want to have the Wind Wall in your pocket in case you need to recharge your shields or reload your weapons in the middle of a fight. It won’t deflect all of the damage, but it should provide you with some breathing room for your abilities to recharge and for you to find that spare ammo charge. Again, make sure you’re comfortable with this Javelin’s evasion. You’re going to frequently use it to evade incoming fire.