Anthem Deactivate the Barrier in Triple Threat

Matthias wants to help prepare your Javelin to take on the Heart of Rage. To do so, you need to complete a mission called Triple Threat. The expedition is straight forward, though, until you get to a puzzle inside the complex. The problem is a little challenging, and it is easy to get stuck.

Here’s how to solve the puzzle so you can advance in the quest.

Triple Threat Puzzle

Right before the end of the Triple Threat expedition, you’re going to enter a chamber where there’s a massive barrier preventing you and your party from advancing. To take the wall down, explore the room and you should find three different pillars with an icon on them, each glowing with a distinct color. You need to turn the posts, so the correct image is facing forward. The solutions to this puzzle are not consistent.

You don’t have to venture far away from the pillars to find their solution. You’re looking for an icon placed against the surface on the chamber, and it should stick out because it’s glowing with a distinct color. They should be hanging nearby, somewhere in the room. Check the walls, bridges, and the ceiling. When you find the answer, change the closest pillar to the icon and color, and the barrier should come down.

With the barrier down, you and your party can advance to grab the Manifold and finish the rest of the mission.

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