ANVIL coupon codes (November 2022)

Get some Crons and Vault Points to help you blast through the next run.

Image via Action Square

Anvil is a top-down shooter with intense roguelike action. You play as a Vault Breaker in the quest for extra-terrestrial relics known as “Vaults” and fight against ruthless monsters. Enemies can easily overwhelm you and make your next run, with a friend or without, incredibly tough. This list contains all the codes available to give you an edge the next time you venture into battle in Anvil.

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All working Anvil coupon codes

This list contains every code we know to be working in Anvil. Read on below to learn how to redeem the codes in-game.

  • BOSSjh5kl9dt7h6a – Earn 500 Crons
  • GOALc3bc57d9f13 – Get the Jungler Gold Skin Head Gear
  • GOALQ2UB – Earn 1,000 Crons
  • GOAL78f56d7efb1f – Get Gold Skin Shoulder Armor
  • GOAL2bdf8c2c769c – Get the Jungler Gold Skin Body Armor
  • GOAL200b5aa70b12 – Get the Jungler Gold Skin Backpack
  • GOAL47c1dfa86e10 – Earn 1,000 Crons
  • GOAL67effbb8d10c – Earn 500 Crons
  • GOAL78f56d7efb1f – Get the Jungler Gold Skin Shoulder Armor
  • INTEL500 – Earn 500 Crons

What are Vault Points and Crons?

Vault Points are a free in-game currency in Anvil that’s used to advance progress through the title’s battle pass. The more you earn, the more rewards you can grab from the battle pass. Crons are a premium currency used to unlock new Vault Breakers. You can earn Crons in-game, but it’s scarce, meaning you’ve got to complete a lot of runs before you’ll have enough to get something worthwhile.

Expired Avil coupon codes

This list contains all the Anvil coupon codes we know have expired. Don’t try to redeem them because the rewards are no longer available.

  • INTEL1000 – Get 10,000 Vault Points

How to redeem Anvil coupon codes

To redeem Anvil coupon codes, launch the game and press the “ESC” button to open the settings menu. You can also access Settings from the main menu. Now find the Coupon Code button and click it to open a new window with a text box. Type in the codes from the above list that you’d like to redeem in this text box and hit return to claim them. The rewards will automatically be applied to your account, so you can instantly equip any gear and spend the cash you’ve just claimed.