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Archero Promo Codes (November 2022)

Archero promotional codes for July 2022.

There are multiple promotional codes in Archero. The downside to these codes is they come and go pretty fast, so you will want to make sure you can grab them before they disappear. These codes will provide you with in-game currencies that you can use to purchase items and upgrades to boost your character. This guide covers all active codes for Archero and how to redeem them.

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How to redeem Archero promo codes

Start the game up when you’re ready to redeem your Archero promo codes. From there, go to the settings indicated by the gear icon on your main menu. A “Promo Pack” option will be at the bottom of this section. This action will take you to a new screen where you can type in any of the available codes to receive your respective prizes. In our experience, none of the codes are case-sensitive. Alternatively, you can make your way to the Archero rewards website page, where you can input your Game ID and the rewards code you want to use. 

If you’re ever looking to seek out more Archero codes, we recommend checking out the Archero Twitter page at @Archero_Habby. Most codes will first drop here before appearing in other sources.

Available Codes

These are all the available codes we can find for Archero.

  • MoonFestival
  • 811Survivorio

Expired Codes

All of the codes in this section have expired. Their rewards are unavailable.

  • QuickRaid
  • 2021222
  • chris2021archero
  • 22SPRING20 – 50x Gems, 10k Coins, 5x Energy, 50x Sapphire
  • lovearchero— Redeem Code for 100 Sapphires, 214 Coins, and five purple tickets.
  • 2021 – 2,021 Coins and Coupons
  • archerhi – 10 Gems, 5,000 Coins, and a Gold Key
  • HTOT – 100 Gems, 1,031 Coins, and a Gold Key
  • goodarcher – 20 Gems, 5,000 Coins, and a Gold Key
  • archeroduo – 20 Gems, 2,000 Coins, and a Ring
  • archerogo – 20 Gems, 20 Sapphires, and a bunch of Scrolls
  • archerofun – 20 Gems, 5,000 Coins, and a Gold Key
  • archerowin – 20 Gems, 2,000 Coins, and a Bright Robe
  • archero1 – Redeem code for 100 Gems, 2,000 Coins, and an Owl Pet
  • YOUTH – Redeem for 61 Gems, 6,100 Coins, and 10x Energy
  • image – Redeem for 2,000 Coins, 20 Energy, and Chest Key
  • santahero
  • Thx2021Giving 

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