Are skin changers bannable in Valorant? Answered

Taking a cheat-makers’ word at face value is always a bad idea.

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Weapon skins tend to be expensive, and for Riot’s hit FPS title Valorant, that’s no different. Some of the rarer weapons can cost over $100, and packages can similarly run high. It’s ultimately the primary revenue stream for the free-to-play title Valorant, and it’s effective, as Valve has similarly noted with Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. For players considering a skin changer in Valorant remember that companies prefer to protect their revenue streams.

Will you get banned for using a skin changer in Valorant?

Within Valorant, skin changers are bannable applications. This is an absolute — regardless of if the skin changer is only functioning client-side, if it’s within practice, or even server-side for all players: using skin changers within Valorant is a bannable offense.

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Upon being banned, users will lose everything associated with their account, including Valorant Points, sprays, weapon skins and gun buddies, all unlocked characters, and access to their social lists. Finally, users should note that there is no notice of a possible incoming ban: users are not warned before a ban occurs. Thanks to the Vanguard anti-cheat, bans from using skin changers is a means of when not if.

While some script users argue that this is merely a means of making the game more enjoyable to play for users, and not ultimately offering advantages for players using these scripts, it ostensibly damages revenue streams for Riot. Considering that Valorant is free to play, skins are one of the primary means of making money for hosting servers and continuing development. Valve similarly bans users attempting to use skin changers in their matches.

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Yet while a Valve ban means that VAC-enabled titles become unplayable, there have been many discussions on Valorant cheating forums as to whether a ban on Valorant results in a matching ban for League of Legends. Riot has entertained the idea in the past, however, there is currently no public information stating that bans are account-wide. This was confirmed on Twitter by Detecc Philippe, an Anticheat Data Engineer for the company.