Are Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mods Wi-Fi safe? Answered

Want to take a chance?

Image via Nintendo

Nintendo is a company well known for wanting players to experience games the way that they make them. They have a history of shutting down players who like to customize an experience or create games with their products. However, mods are a way to change up many games to a way that lets players get even more enjoyment out of their games. Is there a way to safely mod Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and be connected to Wi-Fi?

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Can you use mods on Super Smash Bros. Ultimate while connected to Wi-Fi?

Before we begin, keep in mind if you decide to mod anything in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and connect to the internet, you are taking a chance on Nintendo completely banning your Switch from being able to connect to the internet for any game. If your Switch is bricked, it cannot be undone. Regardless if you feel it is worth the chance, we recommend only modding the game or your console on a secondary Nintendo Switch if you will have it connected to any internet. Also, make sure it does not have your main account tied to it, and you are fine with losing access to various features.

There is a lot of conflicting information about the use of mods in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Some people say they have gotten away with using many mods, while others say they have been banned for only using a couple. From what we have found, it mostly depends on what kind of mod you are utilizing. Simple palette or model swaps supposedly have a good success rate, but even those will cause issues if you try playing online and they adjust the hitboxes of characters in any way.

If your mod causes the game to crash or affects its performance or gameplay in any other way, you are essentially guaranteed to be banned. Even the smallest changes have a chance for Nintendo to lay down the hammer, so be very careful if you try any mod.