Astral Chain: How to Beat Arrow Nemesis


Arrow Nemesis looks familiar, as he is one of the escaped Legion from earlier in Astral Chain’s story. He is a smart opponent who launches devastating attacks from the air and uses the shattered nature of the arena to his advantage.

Astral Chain: How to Beat Arrow Nemesis

Arrow Nemesis likes to operate from a range, so you need to take the fight to him. The Chimera can launch devastating arrow attacks against you, so the trick is to keep on him, allowing your Legion to interrupt their attack pattern.

The arena you fight Arrow Nemesis in consists of multiple small platforms. Arrow Nemesis will zip around, creating energy walls as he tries to box you in and hit you with projectile attacks. You need to use your Legion’s Slash attack to break through these walls by lining up the slash to pass through all three of the glowing lines of energy.

Don’t let the boss pin you down for too long, as it is tough to dodge the projectile attacks on the small platforms. Keep running after the boss, using your Baton weapon to set up combos, and use the Slash Attack when possible, as it will do plenty of damage to Arrow Nemesis.

Use your Chain Jump to chase Arrow Nemesis between platforms, but be careful as he can knock you off the platforms if you are close to the edge. Falling won’t kill you, but it does take health from you. Because this fight does not include any ads, there are no finisher heals available. You’re going to rely on healing items you pick up in the level.

If you keep up the pressure, cut through the energy walls, and continuously stay in Arrow Legion’s face, you will remove the advantage they have at distance. Keeping to this strategy makes this fight a breeze.