Atlas Fishing Rod: How To Craft A Fishing Rod And Catch Fish

Atlas Fishing Rod Crafting Guide
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A true pirate doesn’t need only Grog or Rhum. Unfortunately, if you want to sail around the world under a terrifying black flag, you need also food. Yes, I know. Food isn’t good like a good bottle of Rhum, but sometimes, when your hungry bar is too empty, you need to eating something, aren’t?

Atlas Fishing Rod Crafting Guide‚Äč

What kind of food can you eat if you are a true pirate? Fish! Yes. In Atlas, you can eat a lot of food, and fish is pretty inefficient compared to others. But it is easy to catch so it is good.

How to catch Fish

You can catch fish in two ways, like a real man or like Sanpei. A real man crafts a spear and starts to attack the water, this is the easiest way to hunt a fish (and also the funniest).

If you aren’t a real man, you can simply throw a fishing rod and wait, wait, and wait until a fish comes to you. It’s boring, yes, but it works.

How to craft a Fishing Rod

In order to craft your fishing rod, you need to unlock Advanced Tools skill first (it’s useful also for ship’s building), and then the following elements:

  • 16 x Wood
  • 24 x Thatch
  • 50 x Fibers

Now you can navigate to crafting area in your inventory and craft a fishing road but remember, a real man, a true pirate only hunt with a spear.