Best addons and tools for Path of Exile

Don’t get caught playing without these.

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Path of Exile is a complex game that can be daunting to hop into. Thankfully, some addons and tools make the experience of pillaging countless dungeons much more manageable. These addons and tools are perfectly safe, so don’t worry about getting struck by any banhammers. This guide will highlight the best addons and tools for Path of Exile.

Craft of Exile

If you’ve done any crafting in Path of Exile, you know how frustrating it is to craft an item and not get your preferred mod combination. Craft of Exile offers a crafting simulator that calculates the odds of success on any mod combination. It also shows the total modified costs in chaos of your crafting setup compared to others in your league. Craft of Exile will allow you to prioritize which items to farm by showing you what mods and orbs will give the best odds.


Custom item filters are a must in Path of Exile. Item filters allow you to quickly gauge the rarity and value of every item you pick up, and no addon does it better than FilterBlade. FilterBlade has dozens of filters you can customize yourself, or you can choose to import any filter created by members of the community.

Path of Building

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Everyone likes to joke about how complicated the Path of Exile’s skill tree is, and for good reason. If you’re a new player, you’ll most likely get overwhelmed by the sheer scope of the skill tree. Path of Building assists players by displaying the most efficient skills to take for your chosen build. You can also compare item mods and their effects. Path of Building allows you to easily plan out your character build or import character builds from other players. This tool is a must for every Path of Exile player.

Path of Exile Trade

Many players might not know that Path of Exile now has an official trading site. It improves upon PoE Trade in every way imaginable. Path of Exile Trade has over 30 filters you can use to quickly locate the items you want. You’ll then be matched up with another player to trade with. It also supports trading in bulk, a must for anyone trying to make some easy money selling stacks of items you’ve farmed.

PoE Overlay

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PoE Overlay streamlines the original overlay, leaving you with a simple yet comprehensive experience. While activated, it will seamlessly evaluate your items’ price, provide tips for any dungeon you’re viewing, and manage trade requests. It will also warn you if you are selling or destroying items worth keeping.