10 Best Animal Crossing: New Horizons streamers

Enjoy the island lifestyle without even having to play this island-life simulator!

Animal Crossing New Horizons amiibo cards Nintendo

Image via Nintendo

There is no denying it: Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a phenomenon. It happened to hit Nintendo Switch consoles right when everyone was having to start staying home due to COVID-19, and people found no better escape than the idyllic island setting they could craft for themselves.

Is it essentially a capitalism-simulator with the central mechanic being having to pay off loans? Yes. Nevertheless, it is a relaxing experience. ACNH gives players a world where they can actually make headway on their debts, and where that isn’t an inhibiting factor when it comes to still having and enjoying life. There are always quaint animals to befriend, a slew of new content and activities to take part in, and tons of options for customizing your character and your island. There is a multiplayer component that doesn’t revolve around shooting your friends out of the sky or surviving a battle royale. The worst thing that can happen to you is you get stung by some bees.

It’s a delightful game to play, and a delightful game to watch, as well. There are many streamers out there with great ACNH channels, so we’ve gone and rounded up our 10 favorites.



If you’re looking for a robust and consistent channel with tons of in-depth content, look no further than ardenrose. She’s been streaming ACNH nearly exclusively since it came out and covers all the new content that has steadily been flooding everyone’s island oasis. She has also spent some time visiting viewers’ islands as well. Who knows, maybe she’ll visit your island too!


garywhitta (1)

This isn’t something you’re going to want to miss. In case you aren’t familiar with Gary Whitta, he is a well known and respected game developer, author, and screenwriter. Maybe you’ve heard of the Star Wars movie, Rogue One? He was the co-developer of that story.

He has recently taken his talents and personality to Twitch, where he has been hosting a talk show through ACNH. It’s pretty remarkable the folks he’s gotten on his show. Celebrities like Sting, Shannon Woodward, and many, many more are all ACNH players who have come on to have a chat. There’s a reason it’s blown up in popularity: it is excellent.


This couple (most well known for their YouTube channel of the same name) doesn’t always stream ACNH, but even when they don’t, they’re always charming and smart to watch and listen to. And, of course, they do still sometimes boot up the old island paradise.


hctuan (1)

Okay, so there’s a possibility this streamer won’t be for you. It is in French, after all. But sometimes you just want something relaxing in the background, and it’s hard to deny that French isn’t a beautiful language to listen to. Even if you don’t know what he is saying, he exudes a soothing persona that fits with ACNH vibes and is great to keep on in the background. Or, you know, engage with if you do understand French.


acnh kang (1)

If you want something actually in English, then you should definitely check out KangGaming. He has been in the streaming business for a long time now but has been putting out tons of ACNH content as of late. He has a great, calm, and wholesome personality that is perfectly suited to the game, and we highly recommend watching his work.


megs acnh

If you’re looking to watch someone play ACNH and also feel like you’re getting to know them, Megs it the channel to check out. She’s extremely personable and honest with her viewers and frequently communicates with them. Watching one of her streams isn’t just a glimpse into the idyllic island life, it’s a chance to learn about someone.


acnh simon (1)

You might know Simon from his popular YouTube channel, The Yogscast. There, he plays games with his friend Lewis and others. It’s a great channel with lots of personality and humor, and his personal Twitch channel is just as good. He streams tons of ACNH and brings that same charming personality and sense of humor that got his YouTube channel millions of followers.


swabine acnh (1)

Another non-English language channel that is exceptionally relaxing, swabine goes to show that German isn’t an unpleasant language at all. She will sometimes turn a humorous English phrase or two, but the real joy of putting this stream on in the background is her soothing voice, persona, and enthusiasm for ACNH.


toph acnh

Toph is a great streamer as well, with tons of ACNH content, and even more followers. Unlike the channel mentioned above, this is an English language channel, but Toph lives in Tokyo and is happy to teach his viewers some Japanese. Check out his channel and learn a little something as well!


vixella acnh (1)

We’ve saved the best for last—Vixella is one of the biggest ACNH streamers out there, and for a good reason. She puts out tons of content (although streaming Ooblets more recently), and has a fantastically charming personality that enlivens all her streams. You’re going to want to watch her streams just to sometimes see her adorable dog as well.