Best Animal Crossing New Horizons Town Flags

Make your own island flag or pick one of our favorites!

Animal Crossing

Customizing your town flag in Animal Crossing is a tried and true tradition. Animal Crossing: New Horizons makes it easier than ever to pay tribute to your favorite characters, countries, bands, movies, or people.

Creating your own island flag allows you to turn any image into a flag. Just upload your file and set a few customization options. Then, generate a QR code to use in your game or share it with your friends. 

Most people agree that it’s much easier to design a flag on a PC than on a Switch, so ACPatterns also has a web-based designer you can use to make your own pixel art.

Island flag tips

The best town flags use just a few colors and have either a pattern or something large to focus on. Since your flag will be much smaller in-game than it is elsewhere, you want to make sure it’s not blurry or hard to see. A simple pattern will work much better than complex paisley, for instance. If you choose an image that’s already pretty recognizable, like a country’s flag, the fact that it’s substantially smaller won’t get in the way of anyone identifying it. You won’t have room for all 50 stars on the American flag, but nobody’s going to be counting them, anyway.

Our picks for best island flags

We’ve looked at hundreds of island flag designs shared in various communities and chosen a few of our favorites to help inspire you as you’re choosing your own town flag.

Blue Koala Island Flag

Uncharted Golden Abyss For PS4

The Great Wave Island Flag

Union Jack Island Flag

Orange Island Flag

Mushroom Island Flag

No Way Nook Island Flag

“My new island flag :P

SSBM Fox Island Flag