Best automatic survivor settings in Sheltered 2

They can look after themselves.


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In Sheltered 2, you’re able to automate much of what your survivors will do when their needs reach certain thresholds, whereas, in the first game, this busy work had to be manually managed to avoid survivors dying of their stupidity. This guide shows you the best automatic survivor settings to help you get on with the important stuff.

Best survivor settings

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There are five major needs that your survivors will have. Drinking, eating, and going to the toilet are all needs to keep on top of. If these needs drop too low, they can lead to serious health issues. Set your survivors to address these needs when they hit the 50% threshold with a yellow tick.

Sleeping and showering are needs that your survivors can go without for longer periods. If you’ve got a few jobs that you want to get done, these needs can fall to the bottom of everyone’s priorities. Set your survivors to address these needs when the 75% threshold is hit with a red tick.

Your survivors will deal with these needs after they’ve finished a job or when they’re idle. So try to keep them busy as much as possible so that you can get as much done in each day as your survivor’s stats will allow.