Best Bounty Hunters in Summoners War: Sky Arena

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Summoners War: Sky Arena is home to dozens of collectible monsters, each carrying their own special abilities and stats. However, some sets of creatures belong to a specific species that are known to strive in certain areas, such as the game’s five Bounty Hunters. This group of monsters is popular for their powerful ranged attacks, though they can also lend extensive stat bonuses to particular members of a party. That said, not all are created equally, as every hunter holds dramatically different stats and skills. Here are the best Bounty Hunters in Summoners War: Sky Arena, ranked from worst to best.

Who are the best Bounty Hunters in Summoners War?

5) Dark Bounty Hunter: Jamie

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When compared to all other Bounty Hunters of the same level, Jamie holds the highest attack stats of the bunch. He also separates himself with Ready to Charge, a skill that removes all harmful effects on allies and temporarily increases their Attack Power. This move does have a five-turn cooldown, but those able to level it up can see it become available again as soon as three turns. Despite its benefits, Jamie’s low HP stat makes him extremely vulnerable. We recommend that those sticking with the monster to give him Violent Runes to ensure he earns extra turns and stays alive as long as possible.

4) Wind Bounty Hunter: Roger

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Roger certainly won’t be the star of your team, but he does work wonders when facing numerous at once. This is because its Trigger Happy skill shoots up to four arrows at random targets, with each dealing 250% more damage than the monster’s attack stat. As if that wasn’t enough, the move even increases the Attack Bar of allies by 25% after the move is complete. However, as his Leader Skill only provides teammates with a small boost of accuracy, the hunter won’t always have a major impact in fights.

3) Light Bounty Hunter: Walkers

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Light-type Walkers is probably a monster you’ve seen a fair bit in Guild Battles. That is because users typically spam his Arrow of Purification, a move that fully resets an enemy’s skill cool downtime. If you plan to have a team of light monsters, Walkers also makes for a solid lead, adding 23% Attack Speed to all who bear the elemental type. To ensure these effects work, you will have to use runes to boost its lackluster accuracy.

2) Water Bounty Hunter: Wayne

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Most of Wayne’s stats are not as impressive as the others, but his Defense is the best of his species. You can even anticipate him to shine on offensive with his Chain Fire skill. The move gives you a 30% chance to continuously attack, and those lucky enough can see this take effect up to 10 times per turn. Your chances will also skyrocket to 50% when the enemy has higher HP, making him most useful during rigorous boss battles.

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1) Fire Bounty Hunter: Randy

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Although the fiery Randy has the lowest Attack of his counterparts, you should not let this stat single-handedly keep him off your team. Of course, the most glaring reason for this is his HP being extraordinarily high, allowing him to withstand several attacks. Most importantly, the Bounty Hunter overpowers all allies with his Ready to Snipe skill, providing an increase to their Critical Rate and Defense for three consecutive turns. It is worth noting that Randy even uses Wayne’s Chain Fire for himself. In sum, as long as you boost his health even more through Runes and leveling up, Randy can be a massive help in any situation.