The best cars in Rocket League (2020)

Which cars are the best to use in Rocket League?

Rocket League is still going strong five years after its release, and the community is about to get larger. That’s thanks to the fact that the game will become a free-to-play title later this summer, as announced by Psyonix on July 21. This means that if you’re someone who’s wanted to check out the phenomenon known as Rocket League, but didn’t want to pay the $20 necessary to buy the full game, now you don’t have to.

But if you’re a new starter to the game, what cars should you use in online or offline play? Let’s walk you through which cars we believe are the best of the best in Rocket League.


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If you watch Rocket League professional gameplay, you’ll find that most of them use the Octane car. While all of the cars in Rocket League are (technically) standardized, meaning no car has an advantage over the other, many pros believe that the shape of the model, as well as the feel of the vehicle, makes Octane an ideal car, and this may be for a couple of reasons. For one, the Octane is not particularly big, which actually believe it or not, is a benefit in Rocket League. Its small size allows it to move quickly through the field, and the car also has an ideal nose that is great for smashing balls into the goal. If you want to be competitive in Rocket League, this may be the car to go to.


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The Dominus model may not be as widely used as the Octane car, but this car does get quite a bit play in the meta of Rocket League. That could be attributed to its nose, which juts out and is a bit bigger than most cars, which can help you with first touches and beating out opposing players to hit the ball. It also moves pretty well out on the field, as it has solid speed and can be navigated rather easily.

’16 Batmobile

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In addition to pre-set cars, Rocket League has also made partnerships with various entities in the gaming and entertainment industries to bring themed cars to the title. One of those themed cars is the Batmobile, which is the vehicle used by Batman. The Batmobile in Rocket League features a sleek look, as well a good amount of speed. Its uneven nose may not be ideal for striking or dribbling, but aside from that, there’s a lot of upsides when using Bruce Wayne’s signature vehicle in Rocket League.


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The Venom model may not be the same as the Octane vehicle, but it does have many of the same characteristics. Like the Octane mode, the Venom car is a smaller, compact car that can move around quite well on the field. Also, the Venom has a nose that’s a bit larger and flatter than the Octane, which could be beneficial if you prefer larger noses. There’s a lot of value that can be found in the Venom, and it may be just the car for you if you don’t like the feel of the Octane.

Ice Charger

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The Ice Charger has several characteristics that make it an interesting car in Rocket League. Much like the Dominus, the Ice Charger has a long and flat nose, making it a good pick for players who want to push for first touches and those who want to beat out opposing players on touches. One flaw that the Ice Charger has is that it is a bit beefier than the Octane and Venom, meaning you will sacrifice a bit of speed when using it on the field. Nevertheless, this car could be a great pick for strikers and enforcers who want to pound their opposition.


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The Esper model isn’t particularly big, but it can be a sleeper pick thanks to several other characteristics that make the Octane an overpowered car. Like the Octane, the Esper has a sleek frame and generates a good amount of speed. However, this model may not be the best pick for strikers, given its small nose. The Esper has both its strengths and weaknesses, but if none of the cars above work for you, consider trying out this model.


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We finish our look into the top cars in Rocket League with the Aftershock. The Aftershock, much like the Esper, Venom, and Octane, is a small vehicle that doesn’t have much weight to it, making it a solid option for burners on the field. But while speed is this car’s specialty, striking is not, as its sharp, pointed nose is not ideal for striking or dribbling. Much like the Esper, this vehicle as both its strengths and weaknesses, so take those into consideration when selecting your car for Rocket League.