Best controller settings for Splitgate

Controller settings to help you perform better.

Image via 1047 Games

While some people will always maintain that playing first-person shooters with a keyboard and mouse is the more accurate choice, there are some people that will always prefer playing games with a controller. While Splitgate spent a long time only available on Steam, it has made its way to PlayStation and Xbox. The game has many comparisons to Halo, which has a long console history, so it is not surprising that people enjoy playing the game with a controller. Here are the best controller settings for Splitgate.

Before we begin, your preferred settings are likely to be different from ours. Consider the options below as kind of a starting point for you and adjust them as you see fit. If you force yourself to get used to certain settings that don’t naturally feel good to you, you will likely have a lesser experience playing Splitgate.

Controller Settings

  • Invert Look – off
  • Autosprint – off
  • Vibration – on
  • Horizontal Sensitivity – 6.0
  • Vertical Sensitivity – 6.0
  • Acceleration Sensitivity – 3.0
  • Zoom Sensitivity Multiplier – 0.8
  • Inner Deadzone – 0.12
  • Outer Deadzone – 0.1

Button Layout

Obviously, the button layout for your controller will come down to your preference. However, while playing this game, we found ourselves accidentally hitting buttons that traditionally would do what we wanted in a Halo game. For that reason, we moved melee to B/Circle. We also switched grenade to up on the d-pad and took the emote out. Play around with the layout and find what you think feels best.