Best crops for every season in Stardew Valley

You want to add these crops to your farm every season.

The crops you keep in your garden in Stardew Valley don’t stick around forever. You’ll be rotating out seeds every new season, and not every crop can survive in every season. You want to make sure to have few seeds of your favorite crops in a chest inside your house to grab them whenever their season rolls around. The more prepared you are to handle each season, the more money you can make, saving yourself time and maximizing your profits on your farm. These are the best crops to add to your farm for every season in Stardew Valley.


Coffee beans

One of the best spring crops you add to your garden is coffee beans. It takes 10 days for this plant to grow, but once it does, you’ll be able to harvest four coffee beans off of it every two days, and that continues until the summer. The beans themselves do not sell for a massive amount, the base value being 15 gold pieces. However, if you have five coffee beans and a keg, you can create coffee, which sells for 150 gold pieces. It’s a viable artisan good you regularly use throughout the spring and summer months.

These are the sale prices for coffee beans.

  • Base: 15 gold pieces
  • Silver: 18 gold pieces
  • Gold: 22 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 30 gold pieces
  • Cup of Coffee: 150 gold pieces (five coffee beans)


If you want a more traditional crop in your garden, strawberries during the spring are superb. You’ll be able to harvest them after eight days when they’re fully grown, and you’ll be able to grab more of them every four days. You can receive one strawberry every four days, but there’s a small chance of acquiring more each time you harvest it. The strawberries for a good amount of money, and if you have enough or want to carry some over to summer, you can always turn it into wine for a much higher profit. The downside with wine is how long it can take to brew.

These are the sale prices for strawberries, and strawberry wine.

  • Base: 120 gold pieces, 360 gold pieces
  • Silver: 150 gold pieces, 450 gold pieces
  • Gold: 180 gold pieces, 540 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 240 gold pieces, 720 gold pieces



When summer rolls around, we highly recommend adding blueberry seeds to your farm. This crop takes 13 takes to fully grow, and you’ll be able to harvest it every four days. Each harvest yields three blueberries, and there’s a small chance for a fourth one to be available. You can sell them as they are when you pluck them off the vine, or you can choose to add them to a wine, much like you would the strawberries.

These are the sale prices for blueberries, and blueberry wine.

  • Base: 50 gold pieces, 150 gold pieces
  • Silver: 62 gold pieces, 187 gold pieces
  • Gold: 75 gold pieces, 225 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 100 gold pieces, 300 gold pieces


For those who enjoy making artisan goods, hops are an excellent resource for you actively cultivate on your farm. While the base product itself is a decent item to sell directly to the market, you can also hold on to it and turn it into a pale ale. The process is the same as wine, except you can only do it using hops. You’ll also need a keg if you want to create the item. It takes quite a bit of time for hops to become pale ale, but at that point, you can sell it or choose to wait even longer by leaving it in a cask to sell it for even more. The choice is yours, and the decision does depend on how badly you need the profits. We highly recommend setting up a system to age it.

These are the sale prices for hops, and for pale ale.

  • Base: 25 gold pieces, 300 gold pieces
  • Silver: 31 gold pieces, 375 gold pieces
  • Gold: 37 gold pieces, 450 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 50 gold pieces, 600 gold pieces



When fall rolls around, you’ll need to prepare to endure the winter months. Several farmers typically add a few pumpkins to their farm, and those are good option. However, we’re going to highly recommend you add several cranberry bushes to your fields. This is another berry you can place inside of a keg to turn into wine. It takes seven days to fully grow, and then you can harvest two cranberries from the finished product every five days. There’s a small chance additional berries will come with the standard two.

Here are all of the prices for cranberries, and cranberry wine.

  • Base: 75 gold pieces, 225 gold pieces
  • Silver: 93 gold pieces, 281 gold pieces
  • Gold: 112 gold pieces, 337 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 150 gold pieces, 450 gold pieces


Much like cranberries and other berry bush you want to see growing your fall garden will be grapes. These are other crops that regrow throughout the season, so if you plant them at the start of fall, you’ll be able to receive yield plenty of plants throughout the month. It takes 10 days for grapes to grow fully, and then you can receive grapes every three days after that. Like all of the other berries on this list, you can turn it into wine, receiving even more profits. There are summer seeds that you can plant, but we highly recommend making this crop a priority for the fall.

These are all of the prices for grapes, and grape wine.

  • Base: 80 gold pieces, 240 gold pieces
  • Silver: 100 gold pieces, 300 gold pieces
  • Gold: 120 gold pieces, 360 gold pieces
  • Iridium: 160 gold pieces, 480 gold pieces

Winter (Greenhouse)

These are the best crops you can place inside of your greenhouse. You want to choose the ones that regrow after a few days, allowing you to reap their benefits every so often, rather than having to stick to a specific season. There are plenty of options you can go with, and these crops can rotate out because you can grow them all year long, for as long as you want.

  • Ancient fruit
  • Blueberries
  • Cranberries
  • Grapes
  • Hops
  • Peach trees
  • Pomegranate trees
  • Starfruit
  • Strawberries